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Mountain West Monday: An entertaining look at the week that was in the MWC

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Some very close games here in football this week.  Some teams played much better than expected while others truly disappointed.  Won't talk about basketball much this week but here is a synopsis: the Mountain West is 9-0 so far this year.


Air Force:  Despite losing starting QB Tim Jefferson the Falcons were able to wrap up their seventh victory of the year 48-23 over New Mexico.  The game wasn't close as it sounds because the Lobos scored 13 points in the fourth quarter.  Expect win number eight next week against UNLV.  Also the Falcon basketball team will not go win less this year!
BYU:  The Cougars were out of control in Fort Collins.  This was supposed to be a close game and BYU has struggled on the road all year.  Not anymore.... after a 42-0 start the Rams finally got on the board.  Play by play of this game went as follows: Heaps to Ashworth for a TD, now repeat that three more times.  The game finished up as 49-10.  Now sitting at five wins the New Mexico Lobos stand between the the Cougars and a bowl berth. 
Colorado State:  Well it's time for the Border War! Time to dust off the trusty tome of sheep jokes.  The Rams were playing great lately till the were demolished by the Cougars.  Now it all comes down to two teams with losing records trying fighting for a sweet trophy and bragging rights for nine months.  And the answer is NO, you can not wear your orange uniforms on Saturday.  

New Mexico:  Stump Godfrey has now suffered the first loss of his young career.  It was bound to happen eventually here.  Still two games left in the Mike Locksley career at UNM.  Does anyone really think that he will back next year?  Well if they can beat BYU or TCU then give the man an extension!
San Diego State:  Aztecs did something no other team has really done year.  Stick with the Horned Frogs for four quarters.  Most teams can't even hang with them for a single quarter.  The 14-0 lead could not be held on to but there are plenty of positives out of that 40-35 loss.  They scored more points then the entire rest of the Mountain did against TCU - combined.  SDSU is now favored when they host Utah.  What will happen? 
TCU:  Close wins don't count unless you're Oregon so cut that crap out.  We need you in a BCS game this year - hopefully the National Championship.  A week off won't help you move in the polls unless someone loses.  Two weeks to prepare for New Mexico is more than plenty.  Enjoy that second consecutive Mountain West title. 
UNLV:  The Rebels are terrible hosts!  Wyoming brings fans to Vegas who are looking for a Cowboy win and a good time.  Well regardless of much money was made in the casinos this loss just ruins the weekend.  Rebels now have two wins on the year and Bobby Hauck looks like a genius for one week.  Air Force, San Diego State and Hawaii all left on the schedule and should be interesting games.
Utah:  Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays.  After the beat down layed down by TCU the week before the Utes decided to leave all their good players on the tarmac in Salt Lake City.  The Utes that were embarrassed by Notre Dame 28-3 is not the same team that went 8-0 to start the year. 

Wyoming:  See (Losses, Ugly) in dictionary.

Future Members of the Mountain West

Boise State:  The Kibbie dome was a rockin' cause the Broncos came a knockin'.  The 52-14 victory was at one point 45-0 during the third quarter.  Still no further recognition from the BCS or it's minions.

Fresno State: The Bulldogs gave the Wolf Pack everything they could handle on Saturday night.  They showed them what theywere made of, showed them what they do.... and they still lost by a single point.  Next up is a date with Boise State that is also played on a Friday.

Nevada:  Someone likes to keep thing interesting for their fans.  The Wolf Pack held on to a 35-34 victory to keep the team ranked this week.  Next up is a showdown with New Mexico State,  that one could reach the 70 point range. Colin Kaepernick already has over 2,000 yards passing and will eclipse 1,000 yards rushing next week.  There needs to be a trick play where catches a touchdown pass.