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Time for the Border War

Forget the losses and forget the pain.  It's a fresh new season that lasts only one game.  Time for the Border War with Colorado State.  This is the longest played rivalry west of the Mississippi. Started back in 1899,  this is about the Bronze Boot.  This is about defending the home turf and holding onto the Boot for another year.  This is about laying down smack talk on the neighbors to the South and backing it up.  This is about making sheep weep.

Cowboys fans have been down on themselves for the last six weeks.  It's hard not to after the losing streak the Cowboys have been on.  After a surprising season last year the dominoes just didn't fall the same way for the Pokes.  There are only fives days left this season of Wyoming Cowboy football. 

Strap on your brown and gold and enjoy this week for what is: an intense rivalry that hasn't been ruined by conference realignment or politcs.  Wyoming hosts the "War" at the War so let's get some butts in the seats.  The game is being played before Thanksgiving so you can't use that excuse about the mother in law coming to town.

The Rams are 3-8 this year and a fourth victory could help their warped minds believe they are an up and coming team that will be competitive in the Mountain West next year.  The longer they stay beaten the better and Wyoming is the perfect team to dish out a defeat.  We know the truth and now it is time to provide some enlightenment upon the sheep. 

There are only six times a year you can enjoy a home football game in Laramie.   Make the most of this opportunity or else you'll have to wait till September till you get another shot.  Do you really want to spend the next nine months without any football?  When the Cowboys win the Boot and hoist it over their heads then you can look back fondly and say "I was there".  

Go Pokes!