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Current and Former Rams start the smack talk

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Well the Rams are getting a little chirpy here lately. They lost the Boot last year and it didn't sit well with them. Wyoming has kept themselves pretty level headed this week but the Rams are bringing the hate.

CSU LB Ricky Brewer has promised to bring back the Bronze Boot to Fort Collins this year. He didn't get to play in the game last year due to an NCAA suspension that lasted the entire 2009 season. It was never disclosed what Brewer did to warrant a suspension for an entire year but it obviously severe.

"You could go ahead and quote it. I will be the first person to grab the boot after winning this game. It's my last game. What the heck?"

Thanks for the locker room material Brewer.  These things usually don't turn out well for the player making guarantees. 


Also former Ram QB Kelly Stouffer is talking smack about the comments made by Austyn Carta-Samuels after the loss to UNLV.  Take a look at what he said:

ACS needs to keep his mouth shut. ... ACS, listen to me, as a leader on your team, you can call yourself out and blame yourself like [Utah's] Jordan Wynn did after their last two tough losses. He put it on his shoulders. You can call yourself out, but don't call your coaches out and don't call your teammates out. A quarterback has to lead by example first. You're the face of the program, or at least you want to be, you have to do the right thing. That was not the right thing.

Here are some of the comments made by ACS in which Stouffer is referring:

"We didn't do a good enough job to prepare and win a football game."

"We got our ass kicked in all phases of the game and it's frustrating."

"Losing over and over and over again is rough. And it can be avoided. ... I have no comment in terms of how."

Does Stouffer have a right to comment on what Carta-Samuels said? Absolutely.  Do I think he is right? Not at all.  Jordan Wynn has had two rough games in a row.  The Cowboys have lost six games in a row now.  There is a big difference there. 

Samuels has played much better over the last three games.  Unfortunately the offensive line still struggles to block anyone and the defense has made two pathetic teams look like juggernauts.  He didn't point the finger the finger at any player or coach in particular.  Everyone is responsible for the loss and that includes Carta-Samuels. 

I think the end of the last quote is important where he says "I have no comment in terms of how".  If started laying down blame on certain individuals then there would be problems.  I think Stouffer only made his comment because it's Border War week and a Wyoming player let off some steam.