The Mountain West to add Hawai'i as football only member in 2012


The Mountain West will continue it's expansion plans with addition of the University of Hawai'i starting in 2012. They will be a football only member and it looks like the rest of the teams will join the Big West. So what does this mean for the Mountain West? Well history tells us that conference always expands right before another school leaves. TCU could be joining the Big East which would be a huge blow to the Mountain West. We'll deal with that issue if/when it occurs. So how about the Warriors joining the Mountain West? I think it is a great move and is really a win win. The killer aspect of the WAC was sending all your revenue negative sports all the way out the islands. Now the MWC ditches those extra costs that killed the WAC and brings in a money maker. Depending on the format a team would have to fly their football team out to Hawai'i every two or four years. Four years is based on 12 team conference with two divisions. Flying your entire football staff that distance is pricey but the luxury of a seventh home game will more than make up for those costs. Also now the Hawai'i Bowl affiliation is likely to come with the Warriors. Now you can also treat the wife to that Hawaiian vacation that she always wanted! Just have to travel when your favorite team just happens to be playing in Aloha Stadium. Win - Win - Win!

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