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Wyoming Football Announces Team Awards

The Border War was Saturday and the 2010 season awards banquet was held Sunday to honor those players with outstanding achievements this year.  The Pokes have a great variety of awards so there are a number of players honored that you may not typically hear their name mentioned.

Those that won multiple awards were Chris Prosinski, Dax Crum, David Leonard and Josh Biezuns.  Here is the full press release from the University. Let me know if you think there were any hits or misses.  Team MVP is a big prize, did they choose correctly?

All award winners and thoughts are listed below:

Coach Paul Roach Team MVP--Chris Prosinski, Sr., FS, Buffalo, Wyo.

Brent Schieffer Most Inspirational Player--Dax Crum, Sr., QB, Phoenix, Ariz.

Brian Lee Scholar-Athlete--Dax Crum, Sr., QB, Phoenix, Ariz.

Gosar Family Walk-On Award--Greg Saydjari, So., FB, Skowhegan, Maine

Gen. Pete Schoomaker Special Forces Award--Josh Biezuns, Jr., DE, Prior Lake, Minn.

Iron Man (Top Performer in Strength and Conditioning Program)--Gabe Knapton, Jr., DE, Mead, Colo.

Hammer Award (Player With the Most Big Hits in Games)--Oliver Schober, Jr., LB, Munich, Germany

Team Captain Awards--David Leonard, Sr., WR, Overland Park, Kan.; Chris Prosinski, Sr., FS, Buffalo, Wyo.; Brian Hendricks, Jr., LB, Burlington, Colo.; Austyn Carta-Samuels, So., QB, San Jose, Calif.

Defensive Back of the Year--Marcell Gipson, Sr., CB, Dallas, Texas

Linebacker of the Year--Brian Hendricks, Jr., LB, Burlington, Colo.

Defensive Lineman of the Year--Josh Biezuns, Jr., DE, Prior Lake, Minn.

Offensive Back of the Year--Alvester Alexander, So., RB, Houston, Texas

Receiver of the Year--David Leonard, Sr., WR, Overland Park, Kan.

Offensive Lineman of the Year--Nick Carlson, So., C, Arlington Heights, Ill.

Freshman of the Year--Patrick Mertens, RFr., DT, Sterling, Colo.


What do you think of Prosinski as MVP?  Had a very solid career at UW but was he really MVP this year?  I could see Tashaun Gipson earning that title but the fact that Pros is a Senior probably helped tip the scales.  Dax Crum didn't see the field very much the last couple years but at least his work was acknowledged for his academic work as well as off the field achievements. 

Biezuns probably sealed up his Defensive linemen award with his huge game in the Border War.  The line struggled this year but Biezuns showed great improvement over the last three games.  I thought Mike Purcell was the most consistent linemen through the year but he didn't put up the same numbers as Biezuns.