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Week 13 Ramblings

Well the off season is upon us as Wyoming football fans.  No bye week this year means other teams are still playing while we watch on TV.  Still a pretty crazy weekend is already underway as Mountain West fans.  In case you spent last night in bomb shelter then you may have missed that the mighty Boise State fell to Nevada 34-31.  This ends the Broncos hunt for the National Championship game and gives TCU a fantastic shot at making it to second straight BCS game.  That means more $$$ for the MWC.  Thank you kindly Horned Frogs. 

For reaction directly from Bronco fans make sure to check out One Bronco Nation Under God to see the all the meltdowns occur.  I'm excited for Nevada and their fans and hope this jump starts the program and they grow their attendance and recruiting efforts as a result.  Boise State is still a powerhouse team and will be tough next year when they join the Mountain West next year.

For everything that is right about the Border War between Colorado State and Wyoming you can find everything that is wrong with the Holy War with Utah and BYU.  There is plenty of smack talk that happens between the Rams and Cowboys but it is usually pretty civil.  In the Holy War throw in two schools from the same state and decades of religous tension.  It's a petty game of which fans are more civil (neither are) and the word tossing gets pretty nasty. 

This will be the last time the Holy War is played between conference rivals and as the last game of the year.  To see the Cougar side of things check out Vanquish the Foe.  The PAC 12 Utes blog is Block U so check out their noise as well.  I'm rooting for a Ute victory to make sure that the Cougars end the year with a .500 record.

For great coverage on all the Mountain West happenings check out MWC Connection.  They will cover TCU against New Mexico as the Horned Frogs look for a perfect record and a BCS bowl game.  In other MWC action the UNLV Rebels and San Diego State face off.  Coach Hauck is looking for that third win for his Rebels while Hoke of SDSU wants to fine tune his game plan before their bowl game.