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Preview: Wyoming (2-7) at New Mexico (0-8)

The Wyoming Cowboys are looking for the cure to what ails them: losses.  The winless New Mexico Lobos look to be perfect medicine for teams that need a boost in the Win column.  The Pokes are haven't won in over a month and are still looking for their first victory in conference play. 

The Lobos are just 1-19 under head coach Mike Locksley and have been abysmal all year long.  With the second worst defense in nation the Lobos give up just over 43 points per game.  Combined with the third worst offense in the country creates a rough combination.  Injuries have also plagued the team this year and they have used four different quarterbacks so far.  QB Brad Gruner was just lost for the year after slicing his pinkie in a freak pumpkin carving accident.

Wyoming will be returning to the site of the 2009 New Mexico Bowl in which they beat Fresno State in double overtime.  That bowl appearance won't be repeated as the Pokes suffered their seventh loss last week.  Still the offense is finally starting to gel and is coming a season high 38 points against San Diego State last week.

It's hard to do too much analysis on a team as bad as New Mexico.  They've given up at least 30 points every game except one: a pillow fight with instate rival New Mexico State that they lost 16-14.  They were shutout 70-0 in week 1 against Oregon but have scored at least 10 points in every game since then.  So the offense can score but the defense is just awful.   There just isn't anything to sugarcoat when it comes to New Mexico football.

Wyoming had success last week by relying on the spread and the team looked much more comfortable.  Austyn Carta-Samuels again looks like the stud Cowboy fans remember from last season.  The defense is still questionable in some aspects.  The Pokes have done a great job in turnover margin the last three games but the secondary continues to get burned on deep routes.  Play action passes have been working way to well and allows for easy scores.  

There are three games left for the Pokes and all of them are winnable.  If the Cowboys some how lose this game it would be a huge blow to the fans and the staff/players.  Last year the Cowboys beat New Mexico 37-13 in a cold snowy day in Laramie that closed down the highway and the crowd threw snowballs at each other during the game.

No reason not to win this weekend.  Pokes just need to take care of business.


First off I have to say I love the fact that New Mexico is the "Lobos" and not the Wolves.  It sounds way fiercer and it is a great way to honor the Spanish heritage of the city.  The Cowboy would be able to handle the lobo unless it was one of those Twilight ones.  Then the Cowboy would give him a shirt to put on - stop walking around all day without a shirt.

VERDICT:  Cowboys roll and win #3 is in the books.  Lobos are not going to win a game this year.