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Hell freezes over. New Mexico beats Wyoming 34-31.

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What could have been a huge blowout for Wyoming turned into the most disappointing loss of the year.  After  losing to formerly win-less New Mexico the Pokes have now lost five games in a row.  The Poke offense totaled 535 yards including three runners with 100+ yards and they still lost.


How could this happen?  Let's talk turnovers - try four of them including three within the Lobos 10 yard yard line.  That is a range of 9-21 possible points that Wyoming could have scored.  Three fumbles plus one interception compared to no turnovers for New Mexico.  One fumble by Austyn Carta-Samuels setup the Lobos with the ball at the Wyoming 10 yard line.  That would turn into a touchdown for New Mexico three plays later and 31-24 lead. 

Coming into the game New Mexico was considered the worst team in the country.  Well they have their first win now and look to also have found a new QB.  Freshman Stump Godfrey was 17-21 for 216 yards passing and two touchdowns.  He also added 55 yards rushing and a score on the ground.

The Cowboy defense had no answer for Godfrey or the rest of the Lobo offense.  Lucas Reed have seven catches for 101 yards and two scores.  Kasey Carrier had 91 yards on the ground and scored a touchdown.  Turnover margin was huge for Wyoming the last three games but the Pokes didn't force any turnovers this week.  They did pressure the QB and had five sacks in the game.  Gabe Knapton had three in the first half.

The ground attack for Wyoming was impressive when you look at the totals. 391 yards rushing and three runners over 100 yards: Alvester Alexander with 153, Robert Herron with 120 and Carta-Samuels with 118.  Alexander had three touchdowns including a 94 yarder which is the second longest in Wyoming history.  

The long touchdown from Alexander was the longest in the FBS this year.

The biggest fumbles were by Robert Herron who had his best game as a Cowboy spoiled.  In the third quarter Herron had a huge 67 yard run down to the 2 yard line.  Then they give him the ball again to try and score the touchdown.  This is a big coaching error, why put in the guy who is gassed after just running nearly 70 yards?  Put in the larger back who had the previous play or use your running QB.  Anyone EXCEPT the most tired player on the field.  

After a New Mexico field goal the Cowboys drove down into the red zone again.  Here Herron fumbled at the New Mexico 9 yard line after a seven yard run.  They were trying to build his confidence after the first fumble but this probably didn't help.  Herron is a true freshman and has shown his talent the last few games.  His skill is there but there have been a number of key dropped passes or fumbles that have tarnished his production this year.  

In the red zone the Pokes need to stick with the bigger stronger Alexander.  He has nearly 30 pounds on Herron and more experience.  For big yardage plays Herron has been the better of the two this year, he had two runs of over 40 yards today and averaged 13 yards per carry.  

Nehemie Kankolongo was not cleared to play this week and missed yet another game this year.  Wyoming could have used a third running back this week to help give Alexander and Herron a breather.

So where do the Pokes go from here?  Next week they travel to Vegas to UNLV.  The Rebels only win this year was over these same Lobos.  The Cowboys beat themselves tonight can they win next week?  To complete the season is the Border War and Colorado State has been playing much better the last few weeks.


Cowboy Joe:  Alvester Alexander had a monster game with his 153 yards and three scores.  He is started to become more productive as the season rolls on here.

Cowboy Low:  This has to go to Robert Herron on for those two costly fumbles.  If Wyoming would have scored a touchdown on just one of those drives it would been a W for the Pokes.

Cowboy Foe:  Stump Godfrey may be the next QB that the Scott Van Pelt show falls in love now that Dax Crum is about to graduate.  Impressive game by the freshman who saved Mike Locksley from a zero win season.