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Cowboys head to frozen South Dakota in search of win

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The Wyoming Cowboy basketball team flew on Tuesday to South Dakota.  Their plane was diverted from landing in Vermillion to the bustling metropolis of Yankton due to poor weather.  The team arrived safely and have a full day to get settled and focus on the game.  Sitting at 2-4 the Pokes are looking for a big jump start to their ailing record.

After playing five games in eight days the Pokes got a much needed break after Thanksgiving.  The South Dakota Coyotes (2-4) are looking to improve in their first year under Coach Dave Boots.  Though both teams have identical records the Pokes strength of schedule is 245 compared to 320 for South Dakota. 

Last year these two teams met in Laramie with the Cowboys coming out on top 86-74.  It looks like the Pokes will be without big man Adam Waddell for a couple weeks.  He was coming back from ankle injury and played last week but suffered a setback this week.

Despite the two losses last week to Mizzouri and Providence the Pokes played some of their best basketball.  Amath M'Baye had the two best games in his career and Djibril Thiam was a force when coming off the bench.  Afam Muojeke is still working his way back and his game is not at 100%.  Desmar Jackson has been trying to career the team but foul trouble has hurt him this year.

The Coyotes play a similar offense to Mizzou as in both teams love to launch threes.  Jake Thomas, Charlie Westbrook, Kendall Cutler and Josh Boots all have at least eight three pointers which is the total for Francisco Cruz the top three pointer shooter for Wyoming.  Thomas leads the Coyotes with 17 three pointers made so far.  Westbrook is the leading scorer on the team and is averaging 16 per game.

Wyoming will need to step up their defense on the perimeter and limit the amount of shots the Coyotes can hit from behind the arc.  Brian Gibson should see more minutes with Waddell sitting out so he needs to use his big body to gain position underneath the basket to grab rebounds.  Muojeke and Cruz have both shown they can hit from behind the arc but their shots weren't falling in Cancun.  Freshman Joe Hudson only shoots threes but he has never made more than one attempt this year.  If Wyoming can get a few shots to drop then you should finally grab win number three on the year.