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Awards for South Dakota Game

It's hard to win when your teams free throw % (.522) is below your opponents three point shooting % (.529).  Ponder on that while we dish out some awards.  Here is the Cowboys vs Coyotes boxscore if you are interested.  What has happened to the Cowboy defense this year?  Every team is having big nights when they face Wyoming.

Cowboy Joe: Amath M'Baye led the Pokes with 15 points and nine rebounds.  He was on fire in Cancun and it's good to see the hot streak continue back in the states. 

Cowboy Low: Arthur Bouedo missed all four shoots he took during his 12 minutes.  He and Daylen Harrison were the only Pokes held scoreless on the night.

Cowboy Foe:  Louie Krogman was unstoppable during his 29 point performance.  He hit six treys and was 9 of 16 from the field.