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Cowboys look to extend winning streak on Monday

Can you say three game winning streak?  Well it has been awhile but Cowboy fans may be able to add that line to their vocabulary in the next 24 hours.  And what would that mean?  A .500 record first time since starting the season 1-1.  So why this sudden boost a confidence? Well the Centenary Gentlemen are coming to Laramie and there is not way to sugar coat this: they aren't very good.

First off their mascot is the Gentlemen, that has to be the most unintimidating mascot of all time.  "Not only are we men, but we're polite as well." Intimidation FAIL.  Plus they keep making me think of this song:


Yes they may be well respected but they aren't very good at basketball.  Basically Centenary is a Division III basketball team masquerading as a D1 squad.  In September the school announced it was abandoning their effort to play the highest level of basketball and dropped all the way down to no athletic scholarships at all.  This was not a big moral booster and athletes were able to transfer out without penalty.  So most of the team did just that. 

Basically this team is starting from scratch and have the 0-12 record to prove it. Their top scorer Maxx Nakwaasah has a sweet name but only averages 11 points a game.  They are currently ranked third worst in the nation in scoring with just 53.6 points per game.  As a team the Gents are shooting .365.  Their closest loss was six points to Western Illinois, a team that Wyoming beat by nine.

This should be at least a twenty point victory and hopefully the entire roster get some valuable playing time like what happened on Friday against Western State.  After this game the Cowboys will have three non conference games left this season with the first two being played at home.