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Awards for the Centenary game

Well the Pokes now have three wins in a row and are back at .500.  The Gentlemen of Centenary are not a dangerous team and are now 0-13.  So which Cowboys performed the best on Monday?  Let's hand out some hardware!

Cowboy Joe: There are plenty of nominees this award but the Cowboy Joe award goes to Jod Hudson for his two points?  Yes, you read that correctly.  Despite only making one basket it was still an impressive one.  The 6-1 180lb freshman PG had his first collegiate dunk and no one was expecting it all.  Hudson loves to shoot threes so the fact he drove to the basket and executed a one handed dunk was phenomenal.  Runner has to go to Djibril Thiam for his double double or JayDee Luster and his 16 points and only two missed shots. 

Cowboy Low: Arthur Bouedo played 12 minutes and missed four shots and free throw.  His only positive contribution was a lone rebound.  He has been held scoreless in four of twelve games so far this year and is averaging 3.7 points in 17 minutes.

Cowboy Foe: Jeron Trotman busted a 15 point 12 rebound game which was his third double double of the season.  His effort made this game much more respectable than some of their previous losses.  I hope that Centenary can get at least one win this season.