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Austyn Carta-Samuels and Shamiel Gary expected back next year

I've the rumors running around the message boards that Austyn Carta-Samuels and/or Shamiel Gary might be transferring out of Wyoming next semester.  I didn't post anything here since it seemed like just gossip to me and I didn't want to spread nonsense.  Turns that is exactly what was happening and Robert Gagliardi has confirmed that both sophomore standouts will be suiting for the Cowboys next year. 

Obviously having both of these players in uniform is vital for the Pokes success in 2011.  ACS has been starting quarterback the last two years and Gary has held down the starting Strong Safety position.  It's obvious during the year that Carta-Samuels be come frustrated with the losses during the year but so was the rest of the team.  He just verbalized his frustration more since he is the face of the program. 

Gary would have been the leading tackler for the Cowboys this year but missed the final two games after a death in the family.  He missed the UNLV game because of the funeral then dressed for the Border War because the staff said he wasn't full prepared.  We don't know the family member was that he lost but I'm not going to fault someone for not playing in a game after losing a loved one.  The grieving process is different for everyone.

Other news in the article mentions that DE Mark Willis will miss spring drills as he recovers from knee surgery.  Willis was injured halfway through this season.  He is expected to be ready for Fall camp.  Willis is one of my favorite players so I especially hope he makes a full recovery.

Oliver Schober recently underwent a minor shoulder surgery and will be active this spring but with limited contact. 

There have been a number athletes that left during the transition from Glenn to Christensen.  That is always expected when a new coaching staff takes over.  The Pokes need to hold on to the Christensen recruits and use two full recruiting classes to bring back the roster near the 85 maximum allowed scholarship players.  Wyoming went most of the year with only 68  scholarship players on the roster.