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Update on Wyoming Recruiting

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Just wanted to do a quick update on recruiting news here.  No new commitments and the Pokes are still sitting at 21 verbals on the year.  Four JUCO players have already signed and will enroll in January.  Several of the athletes that Wyoming recruited didn't recieve any initial ranking from Rivals and sometimes it can take a while for tape to be reviewed and an athlete is given a ranking.

Well three athletes who were previously unranked are now graded and all recieved two stars with a 5.4 rating.  A three star rating requires a 5.5 score.  The three athletes were graded were S Luke Anderson, OL Zach Rushing and RB Kody Sutton.

Wyoming is still waiting on scores for WR Dominc Rufran, LB Zach Berg, LB Alex Borgs, DB Mark Nzeocha and OL Austin Traphagan.  Borgs and Nzeocha are both recruits from Germany so it can take longer to evaluate these athletes.  Traphagan has not been added to the Wyoming commit list but Rivals should add him early in 2011.

All the ratings can be changed based on more tape that is submitted so some of these two star recruits that Wyoming has may move up to three stars.  If anyone has a rating added or changed we will let you know.  To help tide you over here is a new video of RB Kody Sutton from his Senior year.