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A look at the 2011 Wyoming football schedule

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With the announcement on Tuesday that Wyoming will play the Texas State Bobcats in 2011 they finally completed their twelve game schedule for the year.  It is easy to say that 2010 was a rough time for the Pokes and their brutal schedule certaintly didn't help the situation.  Wyoming faced Texas, Boise State, TCU, Utah, Air Force and San Diego State.  The resulting 3-9 finish was not expected will 2011 fare any better?  I'd certainly think that the Pokes are due for an increase in the win column next year.

Date Opponent
9/3/11 Weber State
9/10/11 Texas State
9/17/11 @ Bowling Green
9/24/11 Nebraska
10/1/11 TBD
10/8/11 @Utah State
10/15/11 TBD
10/22/11 TBD
10/29/11 TBD
11/5/11 TBD
11/12/11 TBD
11/19/11 TBD

MWC Home Games: New Mexico, TCU, UNLV 
MWC Road Games:Air Force, Boise State, Colorado State, San Diego State

Dear Mountain West/Wyoming scheduling gods, please give us a bye week in 2011.  Christensen tried to play it off early in the year that no bye week was not a big deal but changed his tune at the end.   A week to rest/recover/prepare is always a good thing.  I say 10/1/11 is the perfect spot to heal from the Cornhuskers and get ready to kick some butt in Logan, UT.  Don't you dare put TCU in there and ruin this schedule, if we have to play that week it'd better be New Mexico or UNLV.

Wyoming plays five schools with "State" in their name in case you were wondering or can't do basic math.  It's that type of hard hitting fact digging that makes this site so good.  More nuggets of genius and further analysis after the jump.

Weber and Texas State are both FCS schools so that means Wyoming needs 7  wins to become bowl eligible.  The Cowboys are playing Texas State 12 months to early since they will be joining the WAC in 2012 and would count as full win at that point. 

Combined 2010 regular season record for 2011 opponents: 67-72

Combined 2010 regular season record for 2010 opponents: 80-64

There isn't a lot of middle ground for these teams they either had a great year or were around double digits for losses.  I had no idea that Bowling Green went 2-10 last year.  Rough year for schools sporting brown in their uniforms.  Obviously by looking at the records the schedule should be easier now, Utah and BYU will both be gone from the Mountain West which created the need for this fifth non conference game in the first place. 

I would hope to finish 4-1 in OOC schedule and then look for wins over New Mexico, UNLV and CSU.  Expect close games with Air Force and San Diego State.  I think this is the year that Wyoming finally gets over the hump with Air Force after two closes losses.  How good will San Diego State be in year three under Brady Hoke? 

Of course the big home game is Nebraska so except a sellout and plenty of Husker fans heading west. I wonder how many cornheads will buy season tickets to make sure they can attend the game.  First year in the Big 10 should be interesting and we'll see how they adjust.  Glad Wyoming has two fairly easy games to fine tune the offense and defense.

Feel free to post your thoughts on the schedule and predictions for next season in the comments.