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Well the BYU Cougars really did grab their ball and go home as they have left the Mountain West to go Independent and join the West Coast Conference.  So in the past two weeks you destroyed the WAC, burned your bridges with the MWC and joined the WCC that is comprised of small schools that play in pint size arenas.  What a great way to boost your exposure - play in front of riveted crowds of 3,500.

Just don't expect Wyoming to appear on the Cougars schedule in the next few years.  I doubt that Wyoming is the only school that will also look elsewhere for games.

"I don't have any desire to play BYU." -- UW athletics director Tom Burman on the possibility of future meetings


The case against BYU can go on and on but there are plenty of posts like that already out there.  What I've compiled is bunch of reaction articles to move from across the country. 


  • Coach Akey of Idaho says there is no way he will be staying if the Vandals end up in the Big Sky Conference.
  • BYU will play Hawaii and other WAC teams in football. Way to build up that strength of schedule guy.
  • No conference title to play for and no BCS game.  When you play by yourself you're always #1.
  • Conference rivalry and tradition ruined by dollars.  No joy in Loboville.