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Can Wyoming pull off a major upset this season?

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Heading into Saturdays game against the Texas Longhorns the Wyoming Cowboys are 28.5 points underdogs. This will be familiar trend this season as Wyoming boasts one of the toughest schedules of any FBS school. The out of conference schedule is brutal the next two weeks with the trip to Austin followed by hosting Boise State the following week in Laramie.

After a tough game against Air Force then a trip out to Toledo the Mountain West gauntlet arrives. Away games at TCU and BYU bookend a home game with Utah. This means that the Cowboys will face the currently ranked #3, #4 and #5 teams this year as well as the #20 Utes. BYU is just outside the top 25 and the last few meetings between the Cowboys and Cougars have been heavily lopsided in favor of BYU.

But don't give up now Wyoming fan. You can go through all the stats and rankings you like but the important thing to remember is you still have to play the game. Just ask Kansas and Ole Miss how they feel after their Week 1 embarrassments at home to FCS North Dakota State and Jacksonville State.

Last season the Pokes went 7-6 with their only victory over a team with a winning record coming against Fresno State in the New Mexico Bowl. So last year there weren't any great regular season upsets but Wyoming certainly has had a number of wins over AQ schools in the last few years.

  • 13-7 over Tennessee in Knoxville in 2008.
  • 23-3 over Virginia in 2007.
  • 24-14 over Mississippi in Oxford in 2005.
  • 37-32 over Mississippi in 2004.

Alright, I'll admit these aren't legendary wins in the college football record books but it does show that Wyoming can compete against the big boys and can win on the road. After the jump I'll detail the five killer games on the Cowboys schedule and see how a upset may or may not be possible.

Determining the chance of victory will be the online Magic 8 Ball. We don't need any type of genius octopus here.

All questions to the Magic 8 Ball were asked only once and the answers are all certified to be 100% true 0% of the time. Place your bets at your own risk.

9/11 @ Texas Longhorns

The second game of the season and beating the Longhorns may be slightly more difficult then the the Thunderbirds of Southern Utah. Texas did make it to the National Championship game but they are still breaking their new QB Gilbert Garrett and the run based offense.

After looking at the schedule for Texas I'm going to go ahead and label the team as lazy. Why do you ask? Their first four games are played in the state of Texas and they farthest they travel all season is Lincoln, Nebraska. If the Cowboys have a shot to win the UT offense will need to implode and the Pokes will need to play an inspired football.

Magic Eight Ball says: Yes.

Wow, a straight up victory for Wyoming. Woo hoo! I'm sure a device like the eight ball would never lie.


9/18 vs Boise State Broncos

Incase you were asleep all of Labor Day you missed an amazing game as the Broncos pulled out the victory in a back and forth game with Virginia Tech. With their eyes set on a National Championship a victory in Laramie is vital to the cause. A huge crowd is expected for the game and it will be broadcast on CBS C. Boise actually has this week off before traveling to Laramie. Afterwards they host the Oregon State Beavers. Perhaps the early week off will actually hurt the Broncos or they could be caught looking ahead a week. Can you say "trap game".

Magic Eight Ball says: Outlook not so good.

So you're saying there's a chance! At least it wasn't completely ruled out. by eight ball. I'll take take one in a million over zero out of a million any day.


10/9 @ TCU Horned Frogs

Remember Boise State? While TCU is a similar type of team (very good) except they play on a green field and are geared more towards their defense then offense. With their second game in Texas in a month can Wyoming prevail? With the growing rivalry between and BYU and TCU there is a chance that the Horned Frogs may looking forward a week when the Cougars come to town.

Magic Eight Ball says: My sources say no.

Stupid eight ball! You're lucky you can hide in them world wide Internets otherwise I'd drop you from a 10 story building.


10/16 vs Utah Utes

Well it's homecoming weekend in Laramie so that has to count for something, right? This will be the last appearance by the Utes before they head to the Pac 10(12). The game last year in Salt Lake City was close and after defeating Pittsburgh week 1 the Utes they face UNLV, New Mexico, San Jose State and Iowa State. Not necessarily the stiffest competition. Meanwhile Wyoming will be used to facing Top 5 teams three of the last five weeks.

Magic Eight Ball says: Absolutely.

Well that pretty much sums it up right there. It will be a great homecoming weekend in Laramie.


10/23 at BYU Cougars

Let's just say the last few meetings between these two teams haven't been games with a dramatic finish. Wyoming has been outscored 96-0 the last two years. But the desire to send the Cougars out of the Mountain West with a loss will be great. Plus BYU travels to TCU the week before and may still be licking some wounds.

Magic Eight Ball says: Outlook not so good.

Repeat answer. This thing must be broken. Hopefully the game will at least be close.

Well two upsets out of five difficult games are still very good so I'll take it. How do feel about these games? Which one do you think Wyoming will have a shot at winning?