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Game Thread: Cowboys take on the Texas Cows

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Posted this early you can post on anything to comes to mind during the day. So many games so little time.

An incredible lineup of games today so feel free to comment on any happenings in college football. In the Mountain West two conference games happening today with UNLV/Utah and BYU/Air Force. The second game should be a very close matchup and one team will get it's first loss of the year.

If you're looking for info on the Longhorns check out Burnt Orange Nation. Texas fans are more than welcome to post their comments here on the game. Would also be interested to get your impressions of the Cowboys and what you noticed between last years game and today.

On a personal note: Wisdom teeth are a pain in butt (actually the mouth) and I get to wait five more days before I can have mine removed. Any advice/thoughts/condolences from folks that have had them removed already?

Were you knocked out or awake when they were taken out? What should I expect?

GO POKES!!!!!!!!!!