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Recap: Longhorns handle Cowboys 34-7

For the second year in a row the Wyoming Cowboys (1-1) took the lead over the Texas Longhorns (2-0) in the second quarter.  And history repeated itself again as the Longhorns retaliated by going wild and scoring 28 unanswered points in their 34-7 victory.  Maybe the trick is just to tie Texas or stay just a few points behind before striking.

Oh well, the game is over and it wasn't a complete failure just as it wasn't a success obviously.  Wyoming covered the spread (not that I gamble) but also showed a lot of growth from Week 1 while facing an opponent that outmatched them in nearly every category. 

After struggling to a 28-20 victory over Southern Utah last week the possibility of a huge embarrassment in Austin was something that had Wyoming fans worried.  There is still plenty to work in the future and there is no rest for the weary as #3 Boise State heads into Laramie next week.  The growth of the Cowboys under Dave Christensen is apparent even though it didn't result in a W tonight.

Full breakdown of the game after the jump.


The defense looked much better than last week against Southern Utah.  Obviously not a dominant performance but the general feeling I have is that defense will be better this year and the defensive line will continue to improve. Coach English went with a bend don't break mentality and it worked well except for the last five minutes of the second quarter. 

Player discipline was in the favor of the Cowboys who had 6 penalties for 53 yards compared to Texas with 9/80.  When facing a tough opponent the Pokes didn't shoot themselves in the foot by committing stupid penalties. 

No turnovers this game compared to two last week.  This is great news but could actually be a much different story.  Austyn Carta-Samuels had two consecutive passes picked off but the cornerback was out of bounds each time.  There were several dangerous throws that were batted down.  Alvester Alexander also a big fumble it was recovered by Zach Bolger for a gain.

The lone scoring drive was a thing of beauty - hopefully we can see a few more like it in the near future.  ACS hits Bolger for 34 yards down the sideline on a 3rd and short situation that caught the secondary off guard.  A few players later ACS sees and opening and commits to the run after 18 yards and nice side step he walks in the endzone.  Watching him in the open field is always exciting.

More players getting involved.  Jonathon Aiken had two catches for 9 yards, Nehemie Kankolongo saw his first action with one carrie and one catch.  DeLay Lester also had two catches for a total of 18 yards. 

Dax Crum saw played I guess we can say we can saw the "Wild Crum" formation.  Crum went 4/7 for 39 yards.  He saw action during the fourth quarter when ACS was pulled for the game after taking a few hard hits and the game becoming out of reach. 


Missed tackles. Missed tackles. Missed tackles.  Last week Wyoming had 23 misses and there were plenty more this week.  Giving second chances to Texas means giving up points and that is exactly what happened tonight.  If this issue continues to linger all season the Pokes could be in trouble.

The running game was slightly better but there was still plenty of pressure on ACS.  The offensive line is still struggling with maintaining blocks and opening up running lanes.

The formation where the wide reciever goes into motion and stands behind the running back to create an i - formation.  Every play that started out that way was slow developing and easily sniffed out by the defense for a loss.

No fourth down conversions on three attempts.  Being gutsy is a great thing but the failure to convert these fourth downs didn't help the score at all.  Ian Watts is back and I would have loved to see him take at least one true attempt at the uprights.  Through two games the Pokes have yet to even attempt a field goal.



Cowboy Joe:  Ruben Narcisse was honored by his teammates during the game by wearing his initials on their helmets.  Shamiel Gary wore his #12 jersey during the game, an honor that will rotate each week.  There was also a moment of silence before the game and the Texas band played "Ragtime Cowboy Joe".   RIP Ruben.

Cowboy Low:  Tackling or lack of was the achilles heel for the Pokes.  Three players all taking shots at the running backs and missing or two defenders trying to tackle the runner at the same time and he still breaks through.   

Cowboy Foe: WR Mike Davis had seven catches for 104 yards including a 45 yard touchdown that broke camels back.  Wyoming could never recover from that second touchdown that was scored late in the second quarter.