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Mountain West Monday

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Mountain West Conference Standings

(updated 9.12.2010 at 1:25 AM PDT)

Conf Overall
Air Force Falcons 1 0 2 0
Utah Utes 1 0 2 0
TCU Horned Frogs 0 0 2 0
San Diego St. Aztecs 0 0 2 0
Wyoming Cowboys 0 0 1 1
New Mexico Lobos 0 0 0 2
Colorado St. Rams 0 0 0 2
BYU Cougars 0 1 1 1
UNLV Rebels 0 1 0 2

After a 6-3 start to the season the Mountain West had a slower weekend with two conference games and some tough results in the out of conference schedule. All of the teams that won this weekend are also still perfect on the season at 2-0. Overall the conference finished 4-5 for the weekend. At the very best a record of 7-2 was possible but realistically the best outcome was 5-4 considering the opponents.

Let's see how each of the other teams fared during the games played on 9/11.

Air Force: Thank you Air Force for beating down BYU 35-14. With patriotic thunderbolts on your helmets you used the force of all the other Mountain West schools and gave the Cougars a nice kick to the lemons. Held the two headed QB 10/25 for just 88 yards.

BYU: There goes your shot at a Conference Championship. Oh well, guess there is always next year. Oh wait... never mind. Have fun at Florida State next week.

Colorado State: The good news for the Rams is that this game started so late that most of the nation was asleep and missed the game. The bad news is that the game was televised and those whom did watch probably had nightmares. The 51-6 beat down by Nevada was another baptism by fire for QB Pete Thomas who was sacked five times, Coach Fairchild still thinks he'll be good in a couple years. Hope he survives the rest of this season in one piece.

New Mexico: The good news for the Lobos is that they scored 17 points and the defense allowed 20 less points then the week before. Bad news is they still lost by nearly triple the points they scored in the 52-17 loss to Texas Tech. It does show progress at least... anything is an improvement after Week 1.

San Diego State: The Aztecs are 2-0 for the first time since 1837 and have actually developed a ground game. With a 41-21 victory of New Mexico State they are now averaging 44 points and over 200 yards rushing per game. The big question mark is what can they do week at Missouri? A win there would really turn some heads across the country.

TCU: After the nice win over Oregon State I would been really pissed if you pulled a Virginia Tech or Minnesota this weekend against Tennessee Tech. Way to step up and I would have to say you are the best team in the state of Texas right now. OOOOOOOhhhh burn!!!!! @ Burnt Orange Nation.

UNLV: Don't worry Coach Hauck you do play Idaho and New Mexico the next two weeks. The 38-10 loss to Utah isn't a huge surprise. If all else fails at least you get to play Hawaii in December. BTW, I hate your silver helmets.

Utah: Another victory for the Utes here who stand at 2-0. Watch for the Lobos next week - if they keep scoring 17 more points and holding their opponents to 20 less points each week they could win 34-32. Have fun giving the BYU fans are hard time this week.

Future Members of the Mountain West

Boise State: The Broncos are so scared of Wyoming they needed two weeks to prepare. I think the BCS paid Virginia Tech to throw the game against James Madison just so they would make Boise look bad and not have a shot at the National Championship.

Fresno State: Another WAC team taking a week off a big victory? Lazy bones. Interesting matchup next week with Utah State who gave Oklahoma trouble in the season opener. Are the Aggies for real?

Nevada: See Rams (Colorado State) listed above. Replace all the negative comments with positives. Very interesting matchup with Cal next week. Why did you stadium look so full but your attendance was so low? Please hire some math majors to work the games on Saturday.