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A modest proposal for Boise Haters. Trade us!

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Attention all Boise State haters, yes that means "you". We're looking at you SEC.

The growing rhetoric about Boise State not being fast enough, strong enough or deep enough to compete in a "real" conference is growing tiresome. Boise has prooven that they will travel anywhere to play anyone and aren't afraid of a challenge.

Then the arguement is that they don't play a tough conference schedule. While they are moving up to a more competive confernce with the Mountain West next year. Scheduling out of conference games has always been a challenge as highly ranked teams aren't willing to schedule the Broncos.

Well Wyoming isn't afraid of playing Boise and actually has a history of games throughout the decade.

What are some other top teams playing this weekend?

#5 Oregon faces Portland State.

#13 South Carolina faces Furman.

#1 Alabama faces Duke.

#20 Michigan faces UMass.

Now first off I'll admit that Oregon doesn't deserve to be blamed for not playing Boise since they traveled to Boise last year and lost. But so many of the first two weeks are filled with garbage games where powerhouses crush FCS schools.

Here is my proposal as a Wyoming fan. You think Boise is unworthy? Say there is no way they can compete with your school? Then trade us this week. We are well stocked when it comes to strength of schedule. Just played Texas last week and face Utah and TCU in back to back weeks.

Missing out on Boise State would not kill the Pokes. Wyoming faced them in 2006 and 2007 now it is your turn.

Proposal: Trade Wyoming your week three opponent for Boise State and see what happens.

We have nothing to lose. If you beat Boise then you were right and all that smack talk is finally backed up. If you don't trade then you can just back in your ivory tower and continue to hurl insults.

Hey Wisconsin! You've faced UNLV, San Jose State and now Arizona State. Wanna swap?

USC beat Hawaii, Virginia (barely) and now the face Minnesota who lost to South Dakota last week. Trade with Wyoming?

Arkansas has faced Tennesse Tech and Louisiana Monroe so far this year. Razorbacks face Georgia this week but they could have faced Boise last week while the Broncos had the week off.

Texas A&M must think they can't win a single conference game since they schedule Stephen F. Austin, Louisiana Tech and Florida International to start the year. Way to really test yourself Aggies.