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Preview: Wyoming Cowboys face #3 Boise State Broncos in Laramie.

Next Game

No time for a breather for the Wyoming Cowboys (1-1) as they return home from last weeks 34-7 loss to the Texas Longhorns.  The #3 Boise State Broncos (1-0) travel to Laramie for the their first road game of the year and their eye on the National Championship.  These two teams met in 2006 and 2007 with both games decided by a total of 17 points.  Next year they will meet up annually as the Broncos join the Mountain West Conference. 

The Broncos shot at a National title took a big hit last week as their week 1 opponent Virginia Tech lost to FCS James Madison.  Wyoming is the one opponent that Texas and Boise share in common this year and the Broncos could be gunning for a blowout win in order to set themselves apart from the Longhorns in a head to head comparison.

There will be a sellout crowd at War Memorial Stadium and the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert the night before should have the Cowboy faithful's blood alcohol content revved up well before kickoff. 

Who to watch out for Boise and keys for a Wyoming victory after the jump. 

QB Kellen Moore runs the show for Boise and is a bonafide Heisman contender this year.  Moore went 23/38 in the opener with three touchdown passes.  Titus Young and Austin Pettis are both dangerous wideouts with Pettis the larger target and Young the burner.  Doug Martin is a powerhouse RB who had 765 yards rushing as a backup last year.   

The Broncos who can score quickly and often known for their offense but their defense has improved greatly over the last couple years.  Deploying a 4-2-5 with nice size on the defensive line the one weakness for Boise may be a lack of size in the secondary that the Cowboys can exploit. 

Keys to victory for Wyoming

  • Establish the running game to help eat up the clock and keep the offense balanced.  Through two games the Cowboys have averaged 47 yards rushing per game which ranks118th out 120 teams in FBS.  Last year the Pokes averaged 137 yards on the ground.  The current 1.7 yard per rush is not going to get things done this weekend or the rest of the season.  The offense line needs to work on creating better running lanes and let Austyn Carta-Samuels run for positive yards instead of his life.
  • Pressure on Kellen Moore.  Letting Garrett Gilbert have plenty of time to throw the ball didn't work out so well since the Pokes couldn't tackle the Texas recievers.  Enough of this four man rush, time for the defense to throw some blitzes in to the mix.  Wyoming had four total sacks in Week 1 and followed that up with a goose egg in Week 2.
  • Wrap up tackles would be a nice change of pace this week.  The amount of missed tackles the first two weeks are staggering and are a sure sign of failure.  With the speed and athleticism of the Broncos any missed tackles will quickly turn into big gains or points on the scoreboard. 
  • Use the size advantage of our wide recievers.  David Leonard is 6'4, Jonathon Aiken 6'3, Dejay Lester 6'2, Mazi Ogbonna and Chris McNeil are both 6'1.  The entire secondary of Boise State is under 6 feet tall except for S George Iloka who is 6'3.      

Who would win in real life?

Cowboys versus horses this week?  The Western theme continues after facing the Longhorns last week.  If these Broncos are bucking then Cowboys will ride them for sport - it's called rodeo. 

Verdict:  Cowboys improve to 3-0 in the battle of real life mascots but will most likely fall to 1-2 in college football.  Which is how most expected the season to play out.  The toss up games are up next with Air Force and Toledo.