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Final Preparations for Boise State

All the work is done for the week.  Just one more night of rest and then it is game day for the Cowboys.  The opponent is still tough but at least the settings are better than the heat and humidity of Austin.  With the Boise State Broncos coming to town the eyes of the nation will be on Laramie as the Cowboys try to derail another National title contender.

For great blog coverage of Boise be sure to check out One Bronco Nation Under God.  Otherwise here is some articles to help get you ready for game day.

Go Pokes!

Hot Linkage

  • Patrick Mertens was playing high school ball two  years ago. Now he is starting on the defensive line for the Pokes.  He says he is making progress but admits there are still aspects of his game he is working on: missed tackles.
  • Safety Chris Prosinski is now in the top 10 all time leaders for UW Tacklers but he isn't concerned about stats right now.
  • A look inside the numbers of Boise State and Wyoming.

  • The Pokes have LB Ghaali Muhammad returning kickoffs this year.  He played RB in high school and has made some big plays for the Pokes in his young career.
  • Bronco DE Shea McClellin loves chasing down mobile quarterbacks.  He had two and a half sacks against Virginia Tech. 
  • The WAC is in trouble these days and Karl Benson is trying to keep his crumbling empire together.

    Doug Martin is a punishing runner for the Broncos.  The Pokes will have a hard time keeping Martin in check.