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#3 Boise State wins 51-6. Cowboys defeat themselves.

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Final 1 2 3 4 Total
Boise St. Broncos 17 17 10 7 51
Wyoming Cowboys 0 0 6 0 6

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The #3 Boise State Broncos (2-0) came out with something to prove to the National media.  The Broncos made their point and the Wyoming Cowboys (1-2) did little to stop them.  The first quarter was mistake prone for the Cowboys and after going down 17-0 early there was nothing the Cowboys could do to contain the Broncos who were dominate on both sides of the ball.

Kellen Moore racked up 370 yards and two touchdowns in a little over three quarters of work.  Doug Martin added 105 yards rushing and a TD for the Broncos who totaled 647 total yards of offense.  The Bronco defense was just as efficient allowing the Cowboys only 136 total yards and -22 yards on the ground.  Three turnovers including a fumble recovered for a touchdown were icing on the cake.

More gory details of this massacre after the jump.

Wyoming came out in new uniforms that were supplied by Nike featuring a bright yellow top with WYO across the chest and brown pants with "Cowboys" down the side in yellow lettering.  The helmets are white with a gold/metallic bucking horse symbol with a stripe down down the middle.  There were rumors of new uniforms floating around this summer no one knew they would be used tonight.  They look pretty sharp but after this performance they may stay in storage for quite awhile. 

There were plenty of opportunities for Wyoming to make things interesting to start the game. On the Pokes first possession Robert Herron dropped a wide open pass that would have gone a first down on 3rd and 5.   Boise got the ball on their 30 after the punt and drove to the Cowboy 7.  Shamiel Garydropped a would be interception in the endzone that would have ended the drive there.  Broncos settled for a field goal on that possession to the start the game 3-0.

On the Cowboys second possesion Austyn Carta-Samuels was still adjusting for the defense when Center Nick Carlson snapped the ball while Carta-Samuels was still looking away.  The ball raced towards the endzone where Samuels tried to recover it instead of just kicking it out the endzone.  Boise DE Shea McClellin recovered the ball for a touchdown and a quick 10-0 lead. 

After the kickoff Wyoming again couldn't handle the pressure and the Cowboys dug themselves a hole with back to back false start penalties creating a 1st and 20 situation on their own 10 yard line.  Austin McCoy booted a 74 yard yard punt three plays later to push the Broncos back at the own seven yard line.  It only took four plays and 84 seconds for Boise to score on a 58 yard touchdown pass from Moore to Austin Pettis.  The only bright spot was that Pettis was called for unsportsmanlike conduct for somersaulting into the endzone which was tacked on after the kick off.

Because of the penalty and long return by Ghaali Muhammad the Cowboys started out at their own 48.  The Pokes actually gained two first downs thanks to a 14 yard rush and 13 yard catch by Alvester Alexander.  However that was ruined after Carta-Samuels was picked off by Boise's Hunter White at the 15 yard line. 

Boise took over and drove down into Cowboy territory where Moore was actually intercepted but Mat Birkeness was called for roughing the passer.  Moore released the ball and Birkeness took two full steps before pointlessly pushing him to the ground.  The inteception was reversed and Boise got a first down instead.     

So these five major mistakes in the first quarter created a hole that the Cowboys could not find their way out of no matter what happened.  The next three quarters were filled with sloppy blocking and missed tackles that have been evident in the first two games.  The offensive did little to protect Carta-Samuels who was sacked fives times and -22 yards rushing as a team is embaressing.

This type in ineptitude was not expected after the Cowboys played smart football last week against Texas in Austin and were able to move the ball the on offense.  To come home in front of a sold out War Memorial Stadium and put on this type of performance is highly frustrating for the players and the fans. 

Even on the Pokes one scoring play (at 35 yard TD pass to Greg Saydarji) they don't even convert the extra point.  So Wyoming scored one less point and gave up 17 more points compared to last weeks 34-7 loss to Texas.

Enough talk of the Cowboys and their awful performance.  Not many teams get to to play two top five ranked teams in back to back weeks.  The Cowboys had plenty of mistakes but make no doubt - the Broncos are an impressive team and deserve every single bit of their #3 ranking.  The speed and skill on both sides of the ball is incredible.  After watching Texas and Boise play in back to back weeks I can with certainty that Boise State is BY FAR the better football team. 

Their running game could be just as strong as the Longhorns if they decided to go that route.  Their passing game is nearly unstoppable with amazing weapons at tight end and wide reciever.  The Wyoming secondary struggled all game long to keep with Titus Youngand Austin Pettis who each had long touchdown receptions of 49+ yards.  The defense put constant pressure on the the QB and completly shut down the running game.   

After a game like this the Cowboys need to forget what happened and prepare for Air Force next week.  That is a huge conference game and the Pokes lost 10-0 to the Falcons last year in Colorado Springs.  With the game in Laramie this year it should help even the field.   


Cowboy Joe:  Shamiel Gary actually did pick off Kellen Moore in the second half which is impressive.  Moore was only picked off three times last year.  Also walk on FB Greg Saydarji scored the Pokes only touchdown with a 35 yard pass.  Most Poke fans probably said "Greg Who??" when he scored.

Cowboy Low:  Missed tackles, stupid penalties, avoidable mistakes.  All these things contributed to an ugly game and a real let down for the Cowboy faithful. 

Cowboy Foe:  Might as well give to Kellen Moore who had 370 yards passing then was able to take a nap on the sideline during the fourth quarter.  My wife just wishes he could close his mouth.