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Fashion Police: Review of the Wyoming Cowboys new uniforms

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One big surprise when the Cowboys entered the field Saturday night were the bold new uniforms the team sported at War Memorial against Boise State. With school colors of Brown and Gold Wyoming has always bucked the trend when it comes to uniforms and color coordination. They aren't officially the Nike Pro Combat uniforms but they do have that look to them.

A lot of people are put off by the combination but as a Wyoming fan I like the Brown and Gold and am glad that it sets us apart from other schools. Last year Wyoming made the switch from New Balance to Nike as uniform provider and I think it was a good move exposure wise and for recruiting. Telling an 18 year old kid he'll be decked in new gear from New Balance is not the same as the ole mighty Swoosh.

First off the fact that the Pokes got "special" uniforms is exciting and Nike certainly put some creative touches on the new threads. These won't be worn very often according to Coach Christensen, so if they are used again this year I would expect it to be for the Border War which is in Laramie this year.

A lot of Poke fans were put off by the by change in uniforms but much of that could also be associated with the dysmal performance on the field by the Cowboys. With the 51-6 loss (Broncos vs Cowboys coverage) at home it left a sour taste that is now associated with the new threads. With the brown and gold scheme and poor play on the field it reminded me of the Bad News Bears. The only thing missing was the sponsorship by Chico's Bail Bonds on the back of the jersey.

Full breakdown of the uniforms after the jump. To rate the uniforms I've used the Cold Stone Creamery scale of enjoyment. There is also the one option if you are not a fan of the new look.


Let's breakdown each part of the uniform now.


Swapped the brown bucking horse logo with a gold one instead with brown trim. The middle of the helmet features two yellow dividers that narrow as you move to the back of the helmet. Brown faceplate.

Thoughts: Sticking with the classic "bucking horse" icon is smart and swapping the colors is a nice change. The dual stripe on the helmet is also a sharp touch. The helmets match the jersey well. Grade: A -


Yellow top with brown numerals with white piping. WYO printed across the chest. Names and numbers on the back. Artistic design that looks like an aloe plant on the shoulder pads.

Thoughts: The yellow is sweet as well as the WYO across the chest. I think the jerseys have a nice pop to them. Only thing I don't like is the shoulder pad scribble. If you're going to put a design there please make it more relevant to the Cowboys. Overall a much better look then these old yellow jerseys from 2008. Grade: B+


Brown pants with "COWBOYS" running down the legs printed in yellow. Not much else to describe here they are just pants.

Thoughts: I would have to say these are the worst part of the uniforms and are actually just the pants that are used during practice. Maybe the new pants are new but they are essentially the same design. The legs are not the place for a bunch of text on a uniform. A stripe or some other logo (six shooters, spurs, bucking horse) would have been more appropriate. Perhaps the Chico's logo would have fit nicely on the side of the pant. At least the color was the right choice. Going with yellow pants would have been horrendous. Grade: C+


Brown with a thin white stripe near the top.

Thoughts: Greatest advancement in hosiery since the invention of the flat seam. Grade: A+


I'm glad that Wyoming broke the mold and tried something new. Fix the design on the shoulder pads and take the text off the pants and I'd say they've got a real winner. Hopefully the team will play a lot better when sporting the new duds.

Grade: B+

What did you think of the new uniform?. Post your thoughts and suggestions below. Will we see them again this year? What game?