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Mountain West Monday: An amusing recap of the weekend

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Mountain West Conference Standings

(updated 9.26.2010 at 1:19 AM PDT)

Conf Overall
Utah Utes 2 0 4 0
Air Force Falcons 2 0 3 1
UNLV Rebels 1 1 1 3
TCU Horned Frogs 0 0 4 0
San Diego St. Aztecs 0 0 3 1
Colorado St. Rams 0 0 1 3
BYU Cougars 0 1 1 3
Wyoming Cowboys 0 1 1 3
New Mexico Lobos 0 2 0 4

This could have been a fantastic weekend in college football concerning upsets but it still turned out pretty solid overall. The Mountain West held their own the most part and finished 6-3 as a conference with 7-2 as the best possible outcome.  Since BYU was one of the losses then that actually makes this a great week.  There were two MWC matchups so two teams were assured of losing this go around.

Let's take a look at all the gritty details from Week 4.


Air Force- Despite two missed field goals in the first half the thunderous ground game of the Falcons could not be contained by the Wyoming Cowboys.  The Falcons dominated TOP in fourth quarter to ensure a 20-14 victory.  Next week the Falcons host Navy and if they don't lay the beat down on the Midshipmen this year then it will never happen.  A move into the Top 25 is just a win or two away.


BYU- Yes, you are the laughing stock of the Mountain West right now.  Watching the Cougars get off to a 1-3 start is incredibly sweet for all the remaining schools.  Nevada came into Provo and dominated 27-13. Even with two turnovers and five more penalties on Nevada the Cougars couldn't capitalize. With remaining games still against TCU and Utah the chances of 7-5 or even 6-6 record are looking quite possible this year.  If the Cougars lose to Utah State next week stick a fork in Bronco and kittens.


Colorado State- Well, well well young Rammies.  It's been a year you have finally added a W to your record.  Big props on the 36-34 victory over Idaho. All it took was for the game to not be televised and for you to break out some orange and green "retro" uniforms. Pete Thomas had 386 yards passing and three touchdowns while Ben Delinekicked the game winning field goal with three ticks left. This winning streak will end at one with TCU coming to Fort Collins next week.

New Mexico- The Lobos kept their perfect record intact and claimed the official title of "Worst team in the Mountain West" by being slaughtered by  UNLV 45-10.  Both teams were winless coming into the game but New Mexico showed they take losing very seriously and try as hard as possible each week to do so.  There were rumors of Mike Leach taking over for Mike Locksley as head coach.  If Locksley is fired, would anyone actually apply for the job?  Answer: No. That is they won't fire him.


San Diego State- The Aztecs continue their winning ways with a 41-7 victory over Utah State.  After scaring the crap out of Oklahoma in Week 1 the Aggies have not been the same team and have been plagued by injuries.  The big surprise team out of the Mountain West this year now has two weeks to prepare for their trip to BYU.  Coach Hoke better make sure his team doesn't spend all week at the beach.  There is plenty of footage to study on how to beat the Cougars this year - so get cracking!


TCU- Well the battle for "Well Worn Old Rusty Skillet" again belongs to TCU in their annual battle with SMU.  The Ponies hung in there till TCU finally pulled away for a 41-24 victory.  Well it wasn't a pretty victory at all and that judge from Ukraine only gave them an 8.5.  Next time stick the landing and put some additional beadwork on your outfits.


UNLV- Well after going down 7-0 to New Mexico the Rebels scored 45 unaswered points are now welcomed into the brotherhood of the Win column.  Coach Hauck got a much needed shower of gatorade and he now has his victory as head coach at UNLV.  The bad news is that this is the only time New Mexico appears on the schedule this year.  Also undefeated Neveda rolls into town next week to fight for the Fremont Cannon.  


Utah- Sorry Utah your opening week victory over Pitt no longer counts as impressive because the Panthers stink worse than Dave Wannstedts mustache after a corn on the cob eating contest.  Then you beat up on UNLV, New Mexico and San Jose State.  Not cool man.  Now you need two weeks to prepare for your big road trip to Iowa State? Weak sauce!


Future Members of the Mountain West

Boise State- Well College Game Day came to Boise and you didn't embarrass yourself against Oregon State.  The 37-24 victory over Oregon State was nice but it wasn't the complete dominance that was needed to impress to poll voters. Now begins the lesser part of the schedule with New Mexico State next week.  Prepare for seven weeks of "Boise doesn't play a tough schedule" talk until an intriguing matchup with Nevada on November 26th.

Fresno State- So can Jacksonville State beat Fresno State?  You have to ask yourself that question after Mississippi downed the Bulldogs 55-38 in Oxford.  While playing six degrees of Kevin Bacon College Football edition is dangerous, it does make you ponder.  Another example of Fresno State getting the big win (Cincinnati) but not completing the expected victory.  Please take care of business against Cal Polymer next week.

Nevada-  See BYU (above).  The Wolfpack are now ranked for the first time 1948 and enter the charts at #25.  Their fifth OOC game is at UNLV and you would anticipate a future record of 5-0.  Nevada actually plays 13 games this season since they travel to Hawaii.  This team better hit double digit wins this year with the Wolfpack are playing right now.