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Reaction to the passing of Ruben Narcisse

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Like a bolt out of the blue the news struck on Monday that a car accident involving four University of Wyoming football players had turned fatal for freshman LB Ruben Narcisse, 19.  These events are truly hard to write about because just thinking about the bright future of Narcisse that ended so quickly really gets to me.  As a new father I could not fully grasp what his family is going through right now.

Imagine your 2,000 miles away from home and finally out on your own, your first college football game is a win and then you have a long weekend to enjoy that victory and take in the college lifestyle.  One split second event can shatter all of this euphoria that has been building over the last few weeks. 

The thing is we've all been in a similar situation, driving late at night is risky and anything can happen.  There are countless times in our lives where a split second decision can have lasting impacts positive for negative. 

Here are a few stories from around the country with details:

  • A must read from Greg Aumen of who got to know Ruben during his recruitment by USF.  Even though he went to Wyoming the two kept in touch and Aumen helped him with an assignment that required he contact a journalist. 

    Some insight into Ruben as a student with comments from his English Professor.
  • A detailed report of the accident according to the Colorado State Troopers that first arrived at the scene.  Out of respect for the family I won't post those details here.
  • C.J. Morgan was in seriouscondition after the crash and airlfited to Loveland.  He is still listed in fair condition and there have no further updates on the extent of his injuries or his condition.  
  •  J.J. Quinlan was in the wreck and has been releasedfrom the hospital.  He was actually roommates with Narcisse and is "shaken up but physically ok.  Quinlan and Coach Christensen are both natives of Everett, WA. 
  • Two updates from ESPN blog writers that can't fact check:  you can't be in Colorado and NORTH of the Wyoming border.  Andrea Adelson lists Narcisse as a wide receiver after linking to another ESPN articles him correctly as a linebacker.

Texas Coach Mack Brown released a statement about the accident:

"Our hearts pour out to the University of Wyoming community, its football program and especially the families involved in the tragic accident that happened earlier today. It's such a sad day to see a life taken so early. Our thoughts go out to Ruben’s family, and we pray for them and the families of the injured young men." 

The Cowboys travel to Austin to face the Longhorns this Saturday.  I can say for certain that I am not a fan of the University of Texas and probably never will be.  However, I will say this about Texas and their fans.  They have been incredibly supportive of Wyoming during this tragic event and have posted their heartfelt thoughts on this blog as well as numerous Wyoming message boards.  For that I say "Thank you Texas".