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Wyoming QB situation getting clearer

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With the loss of Austyn Carta-Samuels it was looking like there could be up to five candidates to replace him.  With news from Dave Christensen that a couple of those players have made position changes it narrows down the field to just three. 

Sam Stratton and Austin Woodward will be be moving to new positions for 2011.  Stratton is making the move to RB which is not surprising since he did get some reps there this year in end of the year practices.  Woodward will be moving to LB which is an interesting move.  He is a very versatile athlete but with the Pokes depth at LB if could be hard for him to see much playing time.  In 2010 he was listed as the backup Punter behind Austin McCoy.  With McCoy entering his Senior year perhaps we'll see Woodward moved back there next year. 

And then there were three.

There are now quarterbacks on campus who are in contention for the starting quarterback spot.  RS Freshman Emory Miller was third string QB this Fall and now has the most experience in the system.  Freshman Brett Smith from Oregon is now on campus and will compete head to head with Miller.  Neither  

Miller Jr. and Smith certainly have the high-school credentials as dual-threat quarterbacks. The two combined for 14,047 yards in total offense -- 10,482 passing and 3,565 rushing, respectively -- and 159 touchdowns during their prep careers.


The Cowboys are expected to sign another QB with their 2011 recruiting class.  Adam Pittser verbally committed to the Pokes in the Fall but he had planned to visit Colorado this weekend.  Word on the CU message boards is that Pittser has decided to honor his commitment to Wyoming and will not visit Boulder.  If that remains true then Pittser will be a strong contender when he arrives in the Fall.  He was named #2 MVP at the Elite 11 QB camp this summer.

Spring drills start on March 5th and signing day is February 2nd so it will be an exciting two months as Wyoming prepares for a new era of Cowboy football.  Another interesting part of this article is how Carta-Samuels notified Christensen that he was leaving.

The University of Wyoming's spring practice, which gets under way March 5, went from interesting to very interesting earlier this week when starting junior quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels notified Cowboys head coach Dave Christensen in a TEXT message that he was leaving school.

A text message? Is is that hard to make a phone call to let your Coach know that you're leaving his program.  I know texting is a huge part of how people communicate now.  But this still seems like an immature act  when informing someone of such a big decision.