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Awards for Wyoming/Utah game

This was the last time that Wyoming hosted the Utes as members of the same conference.  Unfortunately it turned out like most results with a loss for the Cowboys.  Utah has struggled the last month but they executed their game plan on Saturday and got a big win.  

Wyoming has had awful perimeter defense during the conference schedule and it was especially evident in this game.  The Utes were 12 of 27 (44.4%) from behind the arc.  Shooting from the corner was a particularly effective spot.  The Pokes did have Djibril Thiam and JayDee Luster back but they weren't 100%. 


Cowboy Joe: The Cowboys were badly out rebounded but Amath M'Baye did his part.  His first career double double was a 11 point 10 rebound effort.   He had over a third of the teams rebounds.

Cowboy Low: Daylen Harrison played 20 minutes but came away empty handed.  After this breakout game against New Mexico we've seen much from the Sophomore forward. 

Cowboy Foe: Will Clyburn was unstoppable en route to 24 points.  He was 5 of 10 from behind the arc and also grabbed 10 rebounds.  

Charts and graphs with pictures and arrows after the jump!