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Awards for San Diego State Blowout

This was one ugly ugly game for Cowboy fans.  Wyoming flew out to San Diego and were the sacrificial lambs to the mighty Aztecs from the very start of the game.  This one was over basically four seconds into the game when Billy White scored easily right after the opening tip.  There is not a way I can hand out any Cowboy Joe awards for this performance.  It will be all Cowboy Low and Cowboy Foe tonight.

Let's get this one over with...

Cowboy Foe: Chase Tapley has a career game going 10-15 from the field for 24 points.  Made easy work of the Pokes defense.

Cowboy Foe: Perimeter defense.  Stop me if you've heard this one before but Wyoming's opponent scored a bunch of three pointers.  Try a school record of 17 made three pointers which sums up the evening fairly well.  

Cowboy Low: Scoring just 22 points in the first half and being down by 31.  San Diego State averaged 2.6 points per minute in the first half.  Wyoming averaged 1.425 points per minute for the entire game.  At least they didn't score triple digits.

Cowboy Foe: Assists differential.  San Diego State had 20 assists compared to just six for the Pokes.

Cowboy Foe:  The Aztecs had a sellout crowd of 12,414.  The noise had a huge effect on Wyoming.  It would take at least three home games for the Pokes to equal that crowd size.       


Alright that is enough.  Time to stop beating a dead horse.  Next up is BYU... I'm sure that will be plenty of fun.