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Border War: Awards for Colorado State Rams Game

The way this game started it seemed like the Cowboys were ready to shock the Mountain West and especially their biggest rival.  The Cowboys  led by 13 at one point in the first half and ended losing by that same margin.  The Rams put on a strong surge to close the gap to 39-37.  The second half was just brutal and the Pokes really didn't anything right which meant this game just simply got away. 

After hitting eight three pointers in the first half the Pokes failed to sink a single trey in the second half.  The Rams figured out their issues with about 5 minutes left in the first half and their adjustments worked.  Wyoming was never able to get the Rams figured out after that point.  Stinks to have such a great effort wasted with this result.


Cowboy Joe: Desmar Jackson is doing everything he possibly can for the Pokes.  He put up a season high 24 points and has now scored at least 20 points in his last four contests. 

Cowboy Low: I was pondering on giving this to JayDee Luster for his 1 for 8 performance from the free throw line.  That warrants mention the true low spot came from the bigmen in the game.  Djibril Thiam, Amath M'Baye, Brian Gibson and Adam Waddell combined for 9 points and 12 rebounds in 72 minutes.  They let 6-5 F Pierce Hornung grab a career high 12 rebounds.

Cowboy Foe: Adam Nigon had 21 points and they all came on three pointers.  This was his best game this year and second highest scoring game of his career,  Anytime someone shoots 70% on three pointers it is going to be a tough night.