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Awards for New Mexico Game

Well it is pretty easy to say that is the biggest win of this season for the Wyoming Cowboys(8-8, 1-1) and one of the greatest finishes ever.  Francisco Cruz(pictured) with the falling down/fade away/putback/buzzer beater was incredible.  The Pokes played hard for 40 minutes and came away with a huge win.  Last year the Pokes upset San Diego State in Laramie for their only big victory in conference play.

Let's hope that there are a few more wins to celebrate this year.  The Pokes really had a solid game on all fronts and New Mexico (12-4, 0-1) struggled throughout the game.  The Cowboys shot 52% from the field, 7 of 15 on three pointers and 16 of 22 from the stripe.  The bench was the huge difference maker in this game for the Pokes.  We'll get into specifics during the awards.  Afam Muojeke was out with an injury and Djibril Thiam was limited by a bruised toe so it was nice to see some other players really step up in their absence.

All eight of Wyoming's wins have come at home this season.  They are in a great need of a road win and will try and get above .500 when they travel to Texas on Wednesday to take on TCU.  Time for some hardware!

Cowboy Joe: Daylen Harrison, where have you been?  The sophomore has been on the bench most of the year and only getting 13 minutes.  He comes in and lights of the scoreboard with his best performance as a Cowboy.  He hit his first six shots and hit a trio of three pointers.  His 16 points was a career high and he led the Pokes.  Coming into the game he was averaging just three points per contest.  Will be interesting to see if he sees more playing now after this effort. 

Honorable Mention: Can't handout awards with out mentioning Adam Waddell.  He came huge for the Pokes in the second half and he hadn't played this well since Febuary 6, 2010 when he 16/10 against Colorado State.  Before the game he said he hadn't felt this good in 10 months and it really showed.  His 16/8 performance was easily his best of this season and hopefully he isn't super sore and can continue to play at this level. 

Cowboy Low: JayDee Luster was in foul trouble all game and ending up fouling out after playing 21 minutes.  He finished with no points and three assists.  The Pokes have no depth at PG and losing their starter is not what they need.  Luckily they still came away with the W.

Cowboy Foe:  Dairese Gary was the only Lobo in double figures and his 24 points and 6 assists led both teams.  He faced Wyoming's top defender Desmar Jacksonmost of the game and still went 7 of 11 from the field.   He also held Jackson to 15 points and 4 of 10 from the field. 

Honorable Mention: UTEP and UAB who went to triple overtime and forced Poke fans to miss the entire first half of the game.  It was terrible having to get all the scoring updates via Twitter and game tracker when a game was finally broadcast on a channel I have.