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Awards and Highlights from the Utah State Game


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.


That was rough game and if you are a glutton for punishment you rewatch the carnage via the animated drive chart.  Time to put this performance in the rear view mirror but first we have to hand out our weekly awards.  Feel free to nominate your own winners in the comments.

COWBOY JOE:  WR Josh Doctson had the best performance of his young career finishing the game with six catches for 60 yards.   That was nearly triple the amount of yards he had coming into the game.  Brett Smith certainly seems to have a good connection with the fellow true freshmen and I certainly expect Doctson to continue to see plenty of passes thrown his way.

COWBOY LOW:  Instead of putting the entire defense we'll just go with defensive coordinator Marty English here.  With two weeks to prepare the defense for Utah State his players looked lost and he never adjusted his scheme to match up better with the Aggies up tempo pace.  Players were still running on or off the field by the time Utah State snapped the ball.  That shouldn't be happening for an entire game.

COWBOY FOE:  Chuckie Keeton was impressive for the entire game as he threw for 213 yards on 15-20 passing and five touchdowns.  This was certainly his best game of his career.  To boot he added 44 yards rushing on just four carries.  It will be interesting to watch the progress of Keeton and Smith as they continue their college careers.  Perhaps they will face each other once again in 2014 when the Aggies visit Laramie.

Here are some highlights for the Pokes from this game. You'll notice a majority of them come from the opening minutes of the game.