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Ask Cowboy Altitude

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With the bye week upon us we asked our readers to submits questions to us.  People responded via twitter and facebook and we will answer those questions for you.  Thanks so much to everyone that participated.  I'm just kind of sad that everyone this took this article so seriously.  No one asked any completely random questions or tried to insult me with their questions. 

Hopefully down the road the questions will be a little more daring. 

#1.  From MeatGeek

Looking at the rest of the schedule for Wyoming to get bowl eligible: I would have to figure that Colorado State and New Mexico should be considered must wins. It's highly dubious that Wyo could beat Boise; however how likely to find it that Wyo could get 1 or 2 wins out of TCU(who looks very mortal this year), Air Force, and SDSU?

The best shot here for that extra victory has to be the game at Air Force.  Wyoming and Air Force always play each other close, even when the Cowboys are having a down year.  The Falcons certainly are not as strong defensively as they have been the last few years under Calhoun.  Their is a weakness that Wyoming can exploit with our improved offense.  

Here are the conference rankings for the Air Force Defense:

  • Total Defense (6th) - 434.7 yards per game
  • Scoring Defense (6th) - 35.5 points per game
  • Rushing Defense (7th) - 229.50 yards per game
  • Passing Defense (4th) - 205.2 yards per game

Wyoming's defense ranks ahead of Air Force in every category except for passing defense where the Cowboys are ranked 5th with 225 ypg.  The Falcons have played two FCS schools and their lowest points allowed is 20 which was to South Dakota.  San Diego State gives up plenty of yards rushing but it will be a tougher game in my opinion.  Still think TCU will be to talented for the Cowboys to handle this year.

 #2. from @SanDiegoPoke

Would AFA really go Football-only in the MWC?

If Air Force does stay in the Mountain West their future is definetly as football only member.  Their olympic sports simply can't compete in the Mountain West and they'll likely end up in the WCC or other smaller conference.  Whatever conference Air Force lands in after realignment mania it would be as a football only member.  I find it funny that the Air Force AD justifies moving his olympic sports to a lesser conference as helping the athletes.  And that making his football team join a conference based heavily in the eastern time zone as also helping his athletes.  Really hope that they do stay in the Mountain West.  

#3. from @

Do you see us sticking with the 4-2-5 when nzeocha comes back healthy??

The 4-2-5 was effective for Wyoming against UNLV but it won't replace the 4-3 all the time.  Coach English said on Monday that four man front will be the constant.  Though the Cowboys could go with either two or three linebackers depending on the situation.  So we'll see both schemes and throwing different looks at the opponent certainly couldn't hurt.  Our secondary certainly performed better when playing with the extra defender against UNLV. 

#4. Two part question from @LoqueBSU

- If BSU/AF/UH/SMU/UCF leave alliance, what does Wyo do?

- Favorite Uni combo?

If those five teams do join the Big East then that is where the benefit of the alliance comes into play.  The remaining 17 schools could add one more or several more schools depending on how many they wanted.  There would be plenty of interest from WAC and SunBelt schools that would want to move up.  So Wyoming certainly appears to be staying put in the Mountain West.  The rivalry with Colorado State is very important and Wyoming doesn't want to be in a difference conference then the Rams.  There isn't a better option out there right now anyways.

As far as uniforms combos go I have to say I'm a sucker for the brown helmet.  I love the Brown Helmet - Gold Uniform - Brown Pants or going with gold pants instead.  I'm sad we've haven't seen the gold helmet this year and hope that the Pokes break it out in the near future.