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Relive the 2009 4th Quarter Rally Over San Diego State

Relive the 2009 come from behind victory when the Pokes rallied from being down 24-6 in the fourth quarter and ended up winning 30-27.  That was an incredible game that I was basically tracking from my phone and just kept watching the Pokes score increase every few minutes. 

This video comes from the Aztecs Athletic Department YouTube account.  I'm amazed that they included the epic meltdown by their own team in the video.  Most schools just (like Wyoming) will just put together a video using their own teams highlights.  Still I'm not complaining at all here.  Very excited that this comeback is record for everyone to enjoy.

Even though the Aztecs are currently 17.5 point favorites the Cowboys still have a shot in this game.  These teams always play each other close.  Three of the last five times these two teams have met the game was decided by just three points.  Last a much better Aztec team only beat a bad Pokes team by 10.  Wyoming blew out San Diego State 35-10 in 2008.

This image comes from College Football By The Numbers which analyzes every college football game.