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Q&A With The San Diego State Aztecs

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Rocky Long has eyes and a face and isn't afraid to let you know it.
Rocky Long has eyes and a face and isn't afraid to let you know it.

In order to better know the San Diego State Aztecs we partnered with Mike from the Aztec blog Aztecskillinghim.  Check out the questions we answered for his site and read his answers for us below.  This is certainly an exciting game for Poke fans and I'm glad that there is a late start.    

Thanks again to Mike for reaching out to us this week!



1.  How long do you think Ronnie Hillman will stay at SDSU?
That's a tough one. It he goes absolutely nuts over the second half of the season and has a huge bowl game, I'd say chances are decent that he'd declare. If he has a couple of rough games, he'd probably be wise to stay. Say, any chance you could be a pal and stop Ronnie but still let us win like you did last year? That'd be swell. I'm willing to make an offer of Tom Craft's mustache clippings as an incentive. It comes with a certificate of authenticity!

2.  How big a role will injuries play this week for the Aztecs?
Not much. We've been freakishly healthy so far this season, which makes me kind of nervous. Maybe it's some good karma for the way our receiving corps was absolutely destroyed during the spring and summer. Our biggest injury concern is tight end Gavin Escobar, who broke his hand against Air Force, but even he has been cleared to play. Creepy.

3.  Lindley's numbers are way down this year.  Does he still have a chance at being drafted?
Lindley can still be a solid mid-round pick if he picks it up in the second half. He's a big guy with a strong arm, so someone will take a flier. The most recent game (Air Force) was the best he's looked all year, and we're all hoping he's finally on the same page with his really green receivers. I'm guessing games against UNLV and New Mexico will pad his stats a bit.
4.  Is there any secret to stopping Hillman? 

Well, our admissions office did a nice job of it in 2009. I would recommend flagging his SAT score.

5.  How would your rate the fourth quarter of the 2009 Wyoming/San Diego State game? 
I laughed, I cried, I threw up in my mouth. Four stars! It's funny, I didn't have the mtn. in those days, so one of my current blog cohorts was sending me text message updates which got more profane with each one. I think the last one was just a string of random curse words. I wish I still had those, actually. We both agreed at the end of the night that Brady Hoke was a total stiff fraud who would never amount to anything. Ah, good times.  

6.  Complete the sentence:  Wyoming will beat San Diego State if: 
The Aztecs start listening to jackasses like me talking about how there's only one tough game left on the schedule. It would probably take a lackluster effort with a ton of turnovers. So basically, if they play like they did against Michigan and TCU. Could happen.

7.  Any plans to hire more coaches with the last name Long? 

Nah, this one will do. Plus, if we ever have to replace Rocky, I want this guy

8.  Predict the score!

Aztecs 38, Wyoming 24

The Aztecs, who are actually playing their first game since before their MWC-CUSA Alliance was announced, come out dazed and sloppy and Wyoming hangs tough for the first half. Then Rocky does his usual halftime thing, SDSU wakes up, and Ronnie Hillman Ronnie Hillmans all over the place. The Aztecs head into their bye week against New Mexico on a high note.