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Our Week 6 BlogPoll Ballot

Just entered my week 6 six ballot for the BlogPoll. This week was a little tougher since I didn't get to see any games because I was on the road all weekend.  Saw a few highlights but mostly I went off box scores.  My full ballot is posted after the jump but I'll explain my votes here.  I refused to put any two loss team in Top 25 so Texas A&M and Florida State are out this week.  They did  lose to good teams but there are so many teams with better records right now that deserve the recognition.  

My top seven all stayed the same because I've had Wisconsin ranked highly the entire time.  Michigan and Georgia Tech got big jumps after improving to 5-0 in big fashion.  I was kind of late adding them to my poll initially.  Two teams that make their first appearances in my poll are Kansas State and SMU.  The Wildcats snuck up on me with their 5-0 record and their win over Baylor finally got them in my top 25.  The Mustangs finally beat rival TCU and they did it on the road.  

Feel free to call me out of any of my picks here. Any teams that are ranked too high or low? Would love to give more Mountain West teams some love but that simply isn't possible this year.