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Utah State Crushes Wyoming 63-19

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The best thing about this game is that it is over.  After jumping out to a 12-0 lead in under three minutes Wyoming (3-2) was then outscored 63-7 the rest of the game.  The Cowboy defense had no answer for the Utah State Aggies (2-3) the entire game.  Utah State was able to score touchdowns on eight consecutive drives and their longest scoring drive took just 4:10. 

Chuckie Keeton had the best game of his career finishing 15 of 20 for 213 yards and five touchdowns.  Meanwhile the Aggies piled up 318 yards on the ground and were led with the 111 yard effort from Robert Turbin.  With a fast paced offense the Aggies were often snapping the ball before Wyoming defenders were even ready.  The defense never figured out a way to stop Utah State from moving the ball.  Even on third and long situations the Pokes couldn't stop the Aggies who finished 8 of 11 on third conversions and were 7/7 to start the game.

With this loss the Pokes have an uphill battle for a bowl berth.  They'll now need to sweep UNLV, New Mexico and Colorado State while also upsetting Air Force or San Diego State on the road.  While not impossible this certainly will not be an easy task for this Poke team.   After this performance it certainly makes you wonder how the defense will play the rest of the year.  The performance by the defense was pretty awful and recapping it will just bring back the painful memories. 

The struggles of the defense were obvious but the play calling on offense certainly didn't do them any favors.  There was plenty of scoring early and Coach Christensen decided he wanted to get into a shoot out and emphasize the pass game.  This backfired and the game got out of control.  The ground game was effective for the Pokes early and then it was abandoned.  If Wyoming would have stayed with a ground attack they could have helped control the clock and give the defense a breather. 

Brett Smith had a decent game going 28 of 46 for 265 yards with one interception and a fumble.  He did score the Pokes first touchdown of the game on a short run but the game shouldn't have been forced onto his shoulders.  The Cowboys only had 27 rushing attempts and Brandon Miller led the team with seven attempts.  Alvester Alexander had 49 yards on six rushes and Ghaali Muhammad finished with 48 yards on five carries.  Unfortunately a majority of those yards came in the fourth quarter when the game was out of reach.  Both backs averaged over 8 yards per carry while Miller had just 15 total yards.  

There was no doubt who the better team was today.  The Aggies could have been 4-0 heading into this game and they finally had everything come together for four quarters.  Time to just put this past us and focus on UNLV next week.  If you were like me and shelled out the money to watch the game on ESPN game plan then I feel your extra pain as well.