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TCU Q&A: Gettings To Know the Horned Frogs

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In order to get ready for the game with TCU we exchanged questions with the Purple Wimple lead blogger for the SB Nation site Frogs O' War.  It stinks that we added another Mountain West site this year and then we lose them to another conference.  They already posted my answers if you want to check those out. 


Here we go!


1.  Does Casey Pachall not put a lot of velocity on his throws or is just me?  How would compare him to Andy Dalton?

I think it's just you.  The word out of practices has always been that Pachall is learning to take a little mustard off his throws.  In the spring game this year he very nearly knocked a receiver (runningback, actually) down, he threw it so hard. 

Pachall is much more a pure passer than Dalton, which has been something of a surprise, because Pachall has a lot more straight-line speed than Andy Dalton.  But Dalton was crafty with the draw and the zone read; Pachall just isn't.  He'll kill you with his arm, but he kills us with his feet.

2.  Obviously the elevation will be a factor in the game for TCU.  How much concern does a temperature below 30 and several inches of snow give the Horned Frogs?
Was elevation a factor in 2009?  2005?  Nobody was talking about it then; in '07 when TCU lost narrowly to the Cowboys in Laramie, there was some talk about it, but a lot more about Dalton not playing most of the game, and our kicker missing a kick.  I think the altitude difference is overplayed.  The cold (especially if it's windy, and isn't it always windy in Wyoming?) is a bigger deal.  TCU played a frigid one at AFA in 2009 (it was windy, wet, and in the single-digits) and had a hard time catching the ball because the receivers couldn't feel their fingers.  There was no hot water in the locker room, either, which was a bummer.  TCU narrowly escaped with a win that night.  Fortunately this game is in the daytime, and isn't looking too windy.  Honestly the players are probably really looking forward to playing in the cold for once. 

3.  Did you really think joining the Big East was a good idea.  No seriously, besides AQ status were you really pumped for that grudge match against Rutgers and getting decimated in hoops?

When the Big12 wasn't an option, and joining the BE meant a 10x jump in revenue, a sure-thing BCS bid for the conference champ, and a lot of air-time on ESPN, that's an easy yes.  The grudge matches with Louisville, Cincy, and USF (former conference mates for the Frogs) were very appealing.  I hope some of those teams end up in the Big12, because those remain fertile grounds for rivalries.  We couldn't have given a rat's rear-end for Rutgers; and hoops... what's hoops?  Does TCU even play that?  Oh, it does?  Hmmm.  It's easy to miss.

4.  Any injury situations we need to watch for?

Tek Cuba, a starting safety, got hurt early against BYU, but is expected to practice.  His backup, Jonathan Anderson, made 17 tackles; so we're not too concerned there. 

5.  Any weaknesses right now in the 4-2-5 for TCU?

Besides the 4, the 2, and the 5, no, not really.  Seriously, TCU's defense this season has been pathetically average (37th against the rush, 61st against the pass; 36th in scoring).  TCU misses Jason Teague at corner, Tejay Johnson at free safety, Tanner Brock at linebacker, Cory Grant and Kelly Griffin at d- and nose tackle.  There are indications the defense is beginning to gel, but it's taken all year, and is going to seem uncharacteristically porous to the returning Wyoming players.  Most Frog fans thought the rebuild this year was going to primarily on offense; but the work in progress has been the defense.  Next week Darth Kellen is going to have a field day against TCU.  Brett Smith will have a respectible day.

6. Complete the sentence.  Wyoming will beat TCU if ____________


it capitalizes on TCU mistakes and doesn't make any itself.  Wyoming is going to find holes in the secondary, and be able to pound the ball.  If the Cowboys don't turn the ball over, and makes points out of TCU's offensive mishaps, it will keep the game very close, at least.

Predict the score! 

TCU 35, Wyoming 28.