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Looking At Wyoming's Possible Bowl Destinations

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With Wyoming securing a seventh win last week the Pokes are now bowl eligible.  That makes four Mountain West teams that now eligible and Air Force needing a win over Colorado State next week to add a fifth..  There are four bowls affiliated with the Mountain West and with five bowl eligible teams it could create some issues.  Currently no Mountain West team is headed to a BCS game thanks to TCU beating Boise State.  The Horned Frogs still have an outside shot of making a bowl game if Houston loses.  Since the Horned Frogs don't control their own fate we'll assume that they won't  be making a BCS game.

The four Mountain West Bowl Games are:

  • Las Vegas Bowl - December 22nd  MWC #1 vs PAC 12 #2
  • Poinsettia Bowl - December 21st  MWC #2 vs WAC #1
  • Independence Bowl - December 26th MWC #3 vs ACC #7
  • New Mexico Bowl - December 17th MWC #4 vs PAC12 #7

What is important to remember here is it that the ranking applies to order in which the bowls pick and isn't necessarily based on finish.  So even though TCU will win the Mountain West the  Las Vegas Bowl can still pick Boise State ahead of them, and that is likely what will happen here.  The Broncos had a great time in Vegas last year and it is a much easier trip for Boise fans so they will get the nod ahead of TCU.

The Poinsettia Bowl would then grab TCU with the second selection.  They don't want to pick their hometown Aztecs two years in a row.  That leaves the Independence Bowl and New Mexico Bowl left for three Mountain West schools.

First off let me say that I'm not worried about Wyoming being left out of a bowl game this year.  I know it has happened before but with the number of bowl games and the how well Wyoming travels they will not be left out.  

Right now I say that Wyoming is headed back to the New Mexico Bowl and San Diego State heads to Shreveport.  The Cowboys have a great relationship with that bowl game from two years ago and the committee would love to have them come back.  Wyoming fans fill up hotels, buy tickets and drinks lots and lots of beer.   

Air Force will have plenty of options with Army and Navy not becoming bowl eligible this year.  The Falcons could end up in the Military Bowl which had been reserved for Navy.  Another possibility is the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl that had a spot set for Army.  Other bowl destinations to look for are bowls affiliated with CUSA who will not be able to fill all their spots.  Especially if Houston makes it to a BCS game.

The Hawaii Bowl is one of those bowls and Jerry Palm actually projects Wyoming to play Western Michigan in that game.