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Week 13 Mountain West Picks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Thanks for being part of the Cowboy Altitude community. Check out this video from the Wyoming players and coaches.

As you can see from the results below there wasn't a huge variety of scores last week.  Props to Skyler for getting a perfect set of matches and being the only one to correctly pick Louisiana Tech beating Nevada.  We once again have a tie for first place between the two Matt's.


Previous Total Last Week Total
Matt H. - Cowboy Altitude 57 6 63
Brad - WyoNation 49 6 55
Ian - GoWyoGo 51 5 56
Matt B. - PokePride 58 5 63
Skyler 52 7 59
Chad - 7220 Report 47 6 53


The picks for this week are available after the jump!

UPDATED 11/25/11 with Skyler's picks.

Only Skyler has predicted a Wyoming upset over Boise State.  The only two games that are causing any separation among our panel is Nevada vs Utah State and Fresno State vs Utah State.

Feel free to post your picks in the comments below!

Matt H. Brad Ian Matt B. Skyler Chad
Colorado State vs Air Force Air Force Air Force Air Force Air Force Air Force Air Force
Nevada at Utah State Utah State Nevada Nevada Utah State Utah State Utah State
Fresno State vs San Jose State Fresno State San Jose State Fresno State Fresno State San Jose State San Jose State
Hawaii vs Tulane Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Tulane Hawaii
Wyoming at Boise State Boise Boise Boise Boise Wyoming Boise
Poke Pick Brandon Miller Alvester Alexander Brett Smith Brett Smith Brett Smith Alvester Alexander