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Preview: Wyoming Cowboys (7-3) at Boise State Broncos (9-1)

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Well Poke fans game day is almost here and the Pokes are heading up to Boise.  Entering the game Wyoming a 33 point underdog to the Broncos.  The Pokes are used to being underdogs this season but not by this large a margin.  To help us get a feel for the Broncos we've partnered with the Boise State site OBNUG to help get a better feel for their team.  They are certainly one of the most creative sites out there and their articles are fun to read even if you don't like the team. 

Make sure you check out our share of the Q&A, the hilarious Wyoming Cowboy anagram roster, as well as their know the enemy segment

Our Q&A is posted after the jump.  I'm a little dissapointed that Kevan wouldn't fully answer question #2.

1.  Give us the run down on the latest injuries for Boise.  Who is certainly out and who could play on Saturday?

CB Jerrell Gavins is certainly out because he certainly tore his ACL several weeks ago.  CB Jamar Taylor is out with a leg injury, and CB Ebo Makinde is out with a leg injury. Legs! What a crock. 

Other than the triage in the secondary, Boise State is relatively healthy. RBs Doug Martin and D.J. Harper are expected to play, and there are no other injuries to report mostly because if there were Boise State would not tell anyone until five minutes before kickoff.

2.  Play a round of Screw, Murder and Marry with the current eight members of the Mountain West.  Who do you pick? 


I don't really want to screw or murder anyone, but I wouldn't mind marrying Air Force. I kind of have a crush on Troy Calhoun and the triple option. Fullback dives are a weakness of mine, and yes, I have wondered what it would have been like to have been alive in the 1950s era of football. 

3.  What (if anything) scares you about this Wyoming team? 

Brett Smith scares me. He is like a mobile Ryan Lindley

The fact that Dave Christensen thinks he can coach turnover margin scares me because heretofore I had thought that turnovers were more or less random and that things regress to the average over a period of time. For instance, I don't think Wyoming will recover 20 fumbles forever.

That bearded defensive lineman of yours scares me, mostly because I can't grow a beard myself.

4.  How many seniors are you losing on this years team?  What does 2012 hold?

There are 25 seniors on the roster, so senior day festivities are probably going to last an hour-and-a-half or so. A couple of them are expected to get medical redshirts (Harper and Gavins), so they should be back next year. Incredibly, as many as 10 of them could go in the NFL Draft, which says a lot about how talented this Bronco team is and how sad Bronco fans are that the seniors may not go to any more than one BCS bowl in their careers.

The big question for 2012 will be who replaces Kellen Moore. The Broncos will be breaking in new players across the board (for instance, the entire defensive line), but this team will live and die in 2012 based on quarterback play. The leader at this point is sophomore Joe Southwick, but the competition in the spring and fall will be a completely wide open four-man race. I'm pulling for a freshman (either Jimmy Laughrea or Nick Patti) to duplicate Moore's four-year run as starter.

5.  Will Thanksgiving weekend effect the crowd this weekend? Are the students all gone?

Boise State offered 1,500 student tickets to the public since everyone is gone this weekend, and then they discounted those tickets at 50 percent off, presumably because no one was buying them. I checked the ticket site earlier, and it looks like they've been snatched up. Bronco Stadium will be plenty full, but I wouldn't be surprised if the mood inside is a little apathetic bordering on nappy.