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Wyoming Falls To Boise State 36-14

This was one of the quirkiest games all year.  Wyoming led most of the first half and there a number of crazy plays.  The Pokes scored early on a pick six by Luke Anderson in the first quarter.  However the offense could do little with the ball after that.

A new wrinkle to offense was added with Sam Stratton running the wildcat formation.  He is a wide receiver normally but was recruited out of high school as an option quarterback.  He has typically running the offense for the scout team this season.  He finished the game with 14 carries for 54 yards.  So was this a one game scheme that was installed to save Brett Smith from some hits or will we see more of this next week?  Alvester Alexander only had six carries for nine yards and Kody Sutton rushed four times for 13 yards.  It is strange that they took the ball out of their leading rusher and pass so much this game. 

The teams were all set to head into halftime tied at 7.  Wyoming punted after a three and out and Boise got the ball back with 9 seconds remaining on the Wyoming 46.  After an incomplete pass there was just a second remaining.  Kellen Moore launched a hail mary and it was tipped by Tashaun Gipson and was caught by Boise WR Matt Miller who was laying on the goal line for a touchdown.  From every angle I saw the ball never passed the goal line.  Lots of fans are blaming Christensen for this scenario.  First off the punt by Austin McCoy was his worst of the half, it was a short kick that took a Boise bounce.  On the play Gipson needed to knock the pass down and not deflect it.  That is a fluke play wtih a one in a hundred chance of happening and really changed the momentum of the game. 

In the third quarter the Broncos offense got on track and scored 17 points while Wyoming could barely move the ball.  Wyoming didn't have a good drive until the fourth quarter and then finally scored with an eight yard Smith pass to Josh Doctson on fourth down.  This wasn't the same Brett Smith that we were used to seeing.  He completed 17 of 25 passes but only gained 80 yards.  The only pass longer then 10 yards was a 28 yarder to Josh Doctson.  He had a costly fumble in the first half deep in Boise territory in the first half that cost Wyoming a scoring opportunity. In the third quarter he was picked off.  He only had the short passing game working with screen passes mainly.  He wasn't able to complete deep passes or use the middle of the field.  Perhaps having Stratton sub in for him so often took him out of his game.

Losing is never good but this team certainly showed a ton more fight then the game last year where Boise won 51-6 in Laramie.  Boise was a missed field goal from a BCS bowl and perhaps even a national championship.  The Cowboys are still on the rise and need to focus on keeping the Bronze Boot and beating the sheep in the Border War next week.  I'll be there to cheer on the Pokes, will you???