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Wyoming Unveils New Basketball Uniforms

The second era of Cowboy basketball under Larry Shyatt kicks off tomorrow night at 6pm in the AA with an exhibition against CSU-Pueblo. It will be the first look for fans at the new/old coach and his first recruiting class. They will also be sporting some new threads this year. Thy new uniforms come in white and yellow with brown trim and a western themed font.

I have to say I'm definitely a fan of this new look for several reasons. I'm just fine without a brown uniform and think it works perfect as accent color on both jerseys. The shorts and jersey have an equal amount of fit to both of them. I hate the super baggy shorts with ultra tight jersey look that some teams have done in the past. The font does a great job of giving a Wyoming/western flair without being over the top.

The acting in the video could use some work. I certainly hope that Luke Martinez is a little more aggressive and out spoken on the court this year then he was in the video. We still haven't done our season preview yet but it will be posted up next week. Hopefully Cowboy fans will support the football and basketball teams on Saturday. Both teams need big crowds so make sure you show up.

Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts on the uniforms in the comments.