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There are so many great college football commentators on the internet these days. We hit up YouTube to see what the geniuses online are saying about Wyoming and Temple in the New Mexico Bowl.

First off we have a kid making his first video ever and it is amazing. His in-depth analysis of these two teams really is tremendous. You could not tell at all that he was reading a script or anything during the video. Watch out Craig James, this guy is gunning for your job.

Our next reviewer simulated the New Mexico Bowl on NCAA 12 and then recorded it with his video camera, while providing his own play by play and analysis. He also loves to go deep into the stats at halftime and after the game. He may not be able to say every players name right but he does his best. Adam Pittser is the QB for the Pokes.

Ok so this video is from 2009 but we had to throw it in here. This girl knows how to pick em!

These are the professionals at The Mtn and I love their homerism!