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Wyoming Takes On UC Irvine Tonight. Five Things You Need To Know

Better late then never for a preview of this game. We swapped Q&A's with David Gao who runs the UC Irvine blog ZotCubed. I never knew that his blog existed before today but I am now smarter and a better person for knowing David and his blog. These two teams met last year in Calif and the Ant Eateaters crushed the Cowboys 83-68. It doesn't appear that this team is a the same caliber of their 2010 version.

Check out his answers to questions below. And don't forget to watch this game on TV tonight!

1. What is the record for UC Irvine and who have they played?

UC Irvine is currently 2-6, with only one win over a D-I opponent. They've lost to Cal, San Jose State, Weber State, Southern Miss, Central Michigan and Alaska-Anchorage. A decent schedule, but it doesn't make this season any easier to watch.

2. Last year the Pokes lost in Irvine. Who is gone from that team?

It would probably be more efficient to answer who isn't gone from that team. Guards Darren Moore, Patrick Rembert and Derrick Strings have graduated and junior Eric Wise, who was our one sure-fire post player, transferred to USC. The result is this year's team with seven freshmen and one of the youngest and most inexperienced squads in all of D-I basketball.

3. Who are some players to watch out for from UC Irvine?

Guards Daman Starring and Mike Wilder are probably our most consistent scorers, while freshman forward/center Will Davis II is athletic but still maturing. We will also depend on center Adam Folker for good defense against the experienced Wyoming big men.

4. I think it is awesome that your mascot is a Anteater. How did that happen? How do you compare to the Banana Slugs?

The eclectic students that first attended UC Irvine when the school opened in the 1960s voted for it. Anteaters are technically part of the bear family, so it goes along with the University of California theme, which the banana slug clearly does not. I don't know why everyone always compares us, as the comparison is pretty unfair. The banana slug's claim to fame is its weird gunk and the fact that it doesn't have natural predators. Meanwhile, the anteater preys on ants and fiercely defends itself when threatened.

5. Is the Big West really that Big?????

Currently, no. It's as big as the state of California from Orange County to the Bay Area. However, we're hoping to get bigger with the additions of Hawaii and San Diego State in the near future. You tell me how to answer that question!