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How To Host A New Mexico Bowl Party And Influence Others

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With the New Mexico Bowl just three days away you had better get your preparations ready for the big game. If you are attending the game then you are already set. For those of us who will be watching from home it is important to make the most of this event. Two years ago I hosted my first New Mexico Bowl party and enjoyed it so much that I had a second one last year even though Wyoming wasn't playing.

What makes the New Mexico Bowl so great you ask? Well it is the first bowl game each year which is always a cause for celebration. And since it is based in the southwest you can have a properly themed party to make the game more festive. Buying a pizza to watch the Little Caesars Bowl isn't anything special. That is just a lazy Wednesday night for most of America that didn't want to cook.

So what does one serve at a New Mexico Bowl party? I'm glad you asked.



Green Chili is a must since green chiles are the specialty of the region. This is the recipe I've used the last two years and I think it is the main reason my friends who don't care about Wyoming come to this party. A good green chili will fill you up and give a nice fiery tingle down your throat and in your belly. You can adjust the heat based on how many chiles you add. Just make sure you get an early start since it takes a couple hours to simmer once all the ingredients are diced.

Important note: Chili is the stew you cook that it is made with green chiles. Misusing the two could have you put in an Albuquerque jail.

Expect a number of references to green chiles during the game by the announcers and a delightful shot of chile roasting in progress.


As far as beverages go we'll let you decide on what you want to serve. There a number of very good chile beers out there but they can be hard to find in stores depending on where you live. We serve our guests with this unique Land of Enchantment mugs that we got obtained through a white elephant party some years ago. The mugs are hollowed out in the middle with a roadrunner figurine inside. Sure it requires you to refill your glass after every other drink but it is worth it.

As far as snacks and appetizers go I usually cook up a big bag of taquitos since they are an easy finger food. Of course chips and salsa are very important as well. Make sure you choose a salsa verde now. The more green chile dishes you utilize the better.

In the second half when your body is ready to succumb to a food coma, it is the perfect time for a sugar rush. We'll simply do a sugar cookie but we'll use the always popular Steamboat Logo cookie cutter. Then you can do choloate frosting with yellow sprinkles and boom! You got yourself one heck of a Wyoming Cowboy cookie. With there being so many small pieces to the cookie like the arm/hat and lower leg of steamboat expect several cookies to break into pieces. They are still delicious none the less.


You are now set to enjoy a first class New Mexico Bowl party. If you host one send us your pics and we will post them next week. The same goes if you are attending the game. We'd love to see shots of the tailgate and during the game.