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Wyoming Falls To Temple 37-15 In The New Mexico Bowl

While the Wyoming Cowboys (8-5) did have a great season it did not end with a storybook ending. The Cowboys fell behind the Temple Owls (9-4) early and were never able to claw their way back into this game. The Cowboy defense couldn't get the Owls off the field as they were able to convert easily on third and converted on fourth down on their opening drive. The Owls raced to a 21-0 lead and things were not looking good for the Cowboys.

Brett Smith lead the Pokes down the field to get the Cowboys into range. On fourh down instead of trying to just pick the first down he found Josh Doctson in the endzone who made a beautiful one handed grab to give Wyoming it's first score. With the score now 21-7 Wyoming had a chance to use that momentum heading into the second half since they would be getting the ball to start the second half. Temple had other plans in mind. With 43 seconds remaining Chris Coyer launched the ball down the sideline to find Rod Streater for a big pass. Marqueston Huff was covering Streater and fell down which then allowed him to score on a 61 yarder, That is really the straw that broke the cames back and the Cowboys were never able to fight their way back into this one.

With so much of the offensive production lost with injuries to Chris McNeill and Ghaali Muhammad the firepower for the Cowboys simpy wasn't there. Wyoming relied on lots of screen passes that were easily sniffed out by the aggresive Owls defense. Wyoming also lost the turnover battle for only the second time this year. Brett Smith was picked off three times but one of them was a hailmary at the end of the first half. The Cowboys weren't able to force the turnovers like they had been able to do most of the year.

Obviously this wasn't result that Wyoming fans were looking for but it was still a great season overall. The Owls are a veteran laden team and the experience showed as they were better on both sides of the ball. The mobility of Chris Coyer concerened me going into this game and he totaled 72 yards on the ground. Bernard Pierce ran for a hundred yards but key runs by Coyer are really what did the damage.

Still there is plenty to be excited about this Cowboy team in 2012. Don't let one loss ruin an impressive 2011 season.