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Cowboys Will Wear Wyoming State Flag Helmet Decal For 103rd Border War

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The Border War will be an even more unique game this year for Wyoming fans. The Pokes will be wearing the same brown helmet, gold jersey and brown pant combo worn against Texas State which is pictured above. In that game Wyoming honored 9/11 victims and our military with a special stars and stripes helmet decal.


This time they will use a different Steamboat decal that is designed from the Wyoming State Flag. The decal was actually designed by Brad Reed who runs WyoNation and then with the help of interns in the athletic department, was able to submit the design to higher ups who loved the logo as well as Coach Christensen.


Very exciting that Wyoming was willing to listen to their fans and help make the Border War even more special. This will certainly give Poke fans even more pride in their team. The Cowboys have really done a great job of marketing themselves this year and increasing their exposure with their new uniforms this season. It all started with the new helmet and nine uniform combo that debuted this summer.

Wyoming got some great publicity with Star and Stripes decal and then they redesigned the brown helmet for the New Mexico game when they gave it a yellow Steamboat logo and yellow stripes. Now the Pokes just need to make sure they keep the Bronze Boot