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A Wyoming Cowboy Christmas Wishlist

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Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I am well. Are the reindeer ready for the big trip?

I know Christmas is getting very close but I wanted to make sure that you got this Christmas wishlist. I'm writing this list on behalf of Wyoming Cowboy fans everywhere. We've dealt with a lot of ups and downs this year but you will most definitely see our names on the good list. Don't confuse us with those naughty Rammies please.

I hope this list isn't asking for too much but I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. Not everything needs to be delivered on Christmas Day. Feel free to spread these out over the course of 2012.

  1. A conference championship in football or basketball. Or both if you are feeling extra generous. It has been so long since we've celebrated a title and this seems like the perfect time. Those back to back 10 win basketball seasons almost put us over the edge.
  2. Please have The Mtn. get rid of Todd Christensen and his awful mustache. At the very least make it so that he never broadcasts another Wyoming game. Nothing like the depressing preachings of Eeyore to ruin a good battle on the gridiron.
  3. Post season play for the Cowboy basketball team. I know we discussed a championship earlier but a post season tournament would be a nice consolation gift if you can't deliver our first request. If the NCAA tournament is too much then an NIT berth would satisfy us as well. Don't go cheap and give us a CBI game. We've been fooled by that trick once and it's not happening again.
Three big mean nasty defensive tackles added to the recruiting class. We want 350lb behemoths that make the earth shake when they walk, breathe fire and bite the heads off of dolls for breakfast. If they maintain 3.5 GPA's and volunteer at an animal shelter on the weekends that be nice as well.
  • The football team to finally wear the all brown uniforms please. They played in 13 games this year and couldn't manage the one combo that the fans were dying to see? That is just not right.
  • Good health for Afam Muojeke. He has done so much for the University and the basketball team the last four years. Twice he has rehabbed after major knee injuries and it is great to see him playing again. Keep him healthy this year and let him finish his career on a strong note.
  • A four star recruit. Not really concerned about what position they play. This is mainly for bragging purposes.
  • No more transfers please. We lost plenty of transfers in football and basketball this past year and really don't want to go through that again. Let's make things easy and keep the roster in one piece. Please and thank you in advance.
  • AQ status for the Mountain West. See we are thinking of our brethren here with this item. The conference has been fighting for this for so long and we need something like this to finally go our way.
  • The implosion of the Big East. I know it is mean to wish ill-will upon others during the holiday season but these guys have been poaching our schools the last two years to try and keep their crumbling empire intact. Just slide a couple schools to the ACC and another to the Big 12 and we'll call it a day. We're leaving you macadamia nut cookies in advance for this one big fella.
  • A good defensive coordinator. Either fix the one we have or find a better model. Whatever is easiest for you. It'd be nice to outscore and out gain our opponent during the season for a change.
  • A berth in the Las Vegas Bowl. We've really enjoyed our time in Albuquerque but we want to let the Cowboy faithful let loose in Vegas next December.
  • Kickoffs that make into the end zone. Other teams make touchbacks look so easy but they never happen for us. We're at 7220 feet of elevation, what else do we need to do?
  • And last but certainly not least: The Bronze Boot!
  • Bronzeboot_medium

    If we missed anything make sure to add it in the comments below. We want to make sure that Santa doesn't forget any of our wishes this year.